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Odds and Sods

Various ramblings and fics

Sentimental yet sardonic
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I'm John. I'm stuck in the middle of Britain (Stupid Atlantic Ocean!)and work for the Post Office, running the CFC at the Gloucester MC. And if I ever see another bloody Christmas card, it'll be way too soon. Most people who know me say that I have an interesting sense of humour, mainly tending towards the sarcastic. Oh, and I also write Buffy fanfic occasionally.

Although I'm always shockedhappy when someone friends me, not unlike everyone else, there's no guarantee that I will return the favor. That said, if I friend you, don't feel obligated to friend me back in return. It's also not a big deal if you are compelled to de-friend me, regardless of the reason, due to too much memes, whining and/or not updating fics fast enough.

Also, I really should point out that at the moment, most of my fic can be found over at boosterific and the remaining ones will go up there sometime soon. I swear!