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Been hanging around today, looking at The basic idea is to write complete stories in 25 words or less. Yes, that's right - quarter drabbles.

So far, I've come up with these:

Women Are Dangerous
"A complete story in twenty five words? Ridiculous!" Bruce chuckled indulgently and went back to drinking his coffee. Five seconds later, he was wearing it.

Desperate Measures
"C'mon!" he pleaded. "Just this once? For me? I won't ask again..." "Fine!" snapped Jane, "I'll beta your stupid twenty five word ficlet for you!"

Jane smiled, relieved that the strange noise outside had turned out to be nothing. So why wasn't Bruce coming straight back inside?

Out of the Closet
Jane emerged, covered in dust and swearing. "Friggin' toggle bars! Just a little tap, the manual said!" Behind her, the walls fell in.

"Oh, THAT Bruce in Accounts.."
Why was 'Send to All' so close to 'Send'? Bruce whimpered, thinking of the very graphic email he'd just sent his boss and new lover.

Faith smirked as Buffy knelt down, and started kissing her way up Faith's long thigh high leather boots. B had the worst poker face EVER.

What a Difference A Week Makes...
"First time visiting?" the customs guy had asked on his way in. "First time deported," Bruce grinned on his way out.

Girls On Tour
Mini-bars emptied. Rooms trashed. Housekeeping too scared to even come near their floor. Police called every night. Yup, thought Holly, Slyth-con was a definite success.

Wait A Mo....
"It's just a little prick," the nurse soothed. Bruce was halfway home before he realised he hadn't had an injection.

Boy meets Girl. Girl meets other Girl. Boy gets face slapped for even suggesting it.
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