Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

"Moonlight" drabbles for faith_slash

Cross-posted to faith_slash for this week's drabble challenge.

Moonlight 1 - Faith/Buffy (15)

Twas late at night in the cemetery.

All the vampires had been slain for that patrol.

Sunnydale returned to its normal peace and quiet.

Except that is, for the noises coming from behind the Masterson crypt.

Faith let out another moan of appreciation, and writhed against the headstone that was currently holding her naked body up.

Grasping the blonde head busy bobbing between her thighs, Faith moaned again and stared down at the moonlit scene before her. Dappled by the bright moonlight on her white skin, Buffy worked feverishly.

If this was a dream, Faith never wanted to wake up.

Moonlight 2 - Faith/Nina (PG)

She hated it.

Every month, regular as clockwork.

Three nights of hell for Faith, watching her lover, her friend, her only remaining link to Angel turn into a rampaging beast, caring only for blood and the hunt.

Nina would never admit to remembering anything, but during the days, Faith and Nina would cuddle closely together, wordlessly. Time would pass so slowly and painfully, yet it was always a surprise when the clock struck.

They would never be lovers playing and laughing in the pale moonlight together.

Faith hated that they could never have that.

Just the cage, and the rifle.

Tags: drabbles, faith, fic

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