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Hard Buffy quiz

So, I was feeling particularly evil this evening, and came up with this quiz. Really nasty Buffyverse questions involving Firsts and Numbers. Let's go!

1) In which episode did Giles first get knocked unconscious?
Witch - guessed by desoto_hia873.

2) Which episode first had a character seen in the opening credits NOT appear in the actual episode? Bonus point for the character.
Cordelia - guessed by desoto_hia873.
The Pack - guessed by meganbmoore.

3) Who was the first person to call Giles ‘Rupert’?
Jenny Calender - guessed by speakr2customrs.

4) What was the first episode to NOT feature Nerf Herder over the end credits?
The Puppet Show - guessed by desoto_hia873.

5) What was the first episode to have Buffy fighting with a sword?

6) What was the first episode to reveal Oz’s real name?
The Initative - guessed by speakr2customrs. Ironically, it's after Oz leaves Sunnydale.

7) What is the first episode to have an on-screen title?
Once More With Feeling - guessed by desoto_hia873.

8) What is the first episode that Faith hits Buffy?
Beauty and the Beasts - guessed by zulu.

9) What is the first episode to NOT have the opening teaser?

10) What was the first episode where Xander wore an eye-patch?
All The Way - guessed by speakr2customrs.

So, off the top of your head, how many times does…

a) Giles get knocked unconscious?

b) Willow has a phobia?

c) An apocalypse gets averted?
Nine - guessed by desoto_hia873.

d) A double or alternative version of a character show up in our reality?
Ten - guessed by desoto_hia873.

e) Jobs Xander has after Graduation?

f) Jobs Buffy has after Graduation?
Five! - guessed by speakr2customrs.

g) Jobs Willow has after Graduation?
Absolutely none - guessed by speakr2customrs and laney_1974.

Told you it was hard... :P

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