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Fic Rec : What the Hellmouth Happened?

Highly recommended Buffyverse fic : What the Hellmouth Happened? Yes, it's the Pit Of Voles, but it's one of the nuggets you have to shift to find.

Cordelia makes a slightly different wish from Anya, and ends up in a very different Sunnydale. Cue Scooby Gang consisting of Buffy, Faith, Willow, Xander and Jesse. Not forgetting their adult advisors Giles, Jenny Calender and Gwedolene Post. Superb use of characterisation and continiuity, and just plain fun in everyone's interactions with each other. You really get the feeling of a tight-knit group, relaxed and used to each other.

Go. Read it.

And now a meme.

Valentines Day Disasters!
LJ Username
Got a box of chocolate-covered bugs: ilysanth
Pranked girlfriend with itching powder-dusted lingerie: empressvesica
Gave significant other a card - with the wrong name in! ffutures
Errantly booked a romantic getaway to St. Petersburg...Russia: nwhepcat
Just discovered their stalker - on their doorstep dressed in not liz_marcs
Finally SCORED! foenix
This quiz by deuceloosely - Taken 2391 Times.
New - COOL Dating Tips and Romance Advice!

I'm fairly sure the stalker one's meant to be nothing at the end. :D
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