Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Thursday is New Comics Day....

So that means a quick run-down :

Gotham Central 15: So Joker's walked into the police station and surrendered. Yup, that's gonna work out well. Lets just ignore the kidnapped newsreader and the ticking bomb, shall we? A solid issue in one of DC's most underlooked titles.
1602 6: Answers from the Watcher, and the X-Men invade Doom's castle. Plus, the Fantastic Four finally break out of Doom's dungeons. From that brief synopsis, you'd never guess this was a Neil Gaiman story, would you? Thoughly absorbing and probably the closest we've ever going to get to Neil Gaiman in the big Marvel Universe.
Ultimate X-Men 41: The second of the New Mutants arc, and a fairly spooky complete story. Bendis is on quite the roll here, with his tale of a mutant kid just hitting puberty, stunningly assisted by Finch's artwork. Ignore the terrible standard cover, and enjoy Bendis's dialogue.
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang 1: Probably the issue I was most looking forward to this week, as the concept of Sir Charles Basildon being passed down through different agents has always interested me since I first came across the idea way back. This Basildon we start off with is a complete bastard. No if's, no buts, no way around it. The opening mini-adventure alone demonstrates this as he has no qualms in shooting the girl he's just slept with to get the bad guy, leaves his partner behind, and has the entire enemy base hit by an airstrike. All that in 5 minutes. Now his new partner turns out to be a woman (with a remarkable resemble to Emma Peel). I love Tony Bedard's writing, and want to have it's plotbunnies.
Teen Titans 7 : Downtime issue after the last few event issues. Grummett's art is always good, but this whole issue felt more like padding out the inevitable trade. Did enjoy seeing Cissie again, mind you.
Batman : Death and the Maidens 6: Rucka writing good. Janson art okay. Ra's Al Ghul good. This mini slow. Slow slow slow. So much potential, so little used so far. And I committed myself to read all 9. Bugger.
Captain Marvel 18: One of the most bizzare and odd comics that has ever come out of Peter David's mind. Fascinating reading, though. Looks like 18 months of having the main character completely crazy is over now which is a shame.

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