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Pimping again

This time it's a brand new community for drabbles : drabble_redux.

The basic idea is about how drabbles are an underappreciated medium for practicing the writing craft, and that much can be conveyed in a mere 100 or 500 words. So, the community is there to have fun. To bring back the art of writing and the joy of fandom. One where we can stretch our minds as writers and try something a little different or maybe put a new twist on an old idea. This is a place where you can hang up your hat, grab a cup of coffee, sit down, and dabble in another fandom and get your feet wet, or a place where you can introduce your friends to the wonders of your favorite fandom in easy to swallow doses. Show off your fandom or pick a new one to play around with.

Sound fun? Check it out. And as a bonus for you guys, here's a drabble I did for them : Isolation(Buffyverse, Faith, PG-13)
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