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This entry is so getting the head-desk icon.

Twenty four hours with a broken computer, that wouldn't even load Windows. I'm seriously starting to think I am addicted to the internet. It all started to go wrong last night when my internet connection kept going wonky, declaring my network cable unplugged, then saying it was all right and fully connected. Then all LJ-comments started going to Spam in my email settings, and I kept kicked off Yahoo Messenger. The final straw was when I re-booted, and it started detecting new hardware. Switched it off, gave it several hours rest and booted it up this morning. Windows XP logo comes up, screen goes blank.... and stays like that. Non-stop.

After work, and after carrying it over to my mate's house, he took a look. Luckily he's a lecturer in computers, so I'm fairly confident he knows what he's doing. *grins* Anyhow, looks like it was corrupted CMOS data somehow, so I take it home via taxi (these things are heavy!) and now it's working again.

*huggles computer* Never do that to me again, you hear?

And I managed to pick up Absolute Authority Vol 1 - the Warren Ellis/Bryan Hitch 12 issues over-sized hardback today. *squee* Totally bloody gorgeous. *loffs it*

I miss anything?
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