Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Fun night

So, the poker evening went well. Walked away with about three times as much money as I put in to start with, and never had to cash in again (unlike the majority of the table). *grins* Unfortunately, by the time I'd paid for all the drinks I'd had, that wiped out my winnings.So, in short, a great night out that didn't cost me anything.

Full of thrills (the time I bluffed Derek off the best hand with a 2 and a 7), chills (getting beaten by the drunk's higher kicker when he was going calling me drunkenly to see the cards. Gah) and fun (turning out that I'd beaten the drunk on another hand when he was convinced he'd got a flush in his hand cos his cards were all black). Twas great fun, and we're all so doing it again next week.

Must get back to some writing again tonight. A couple of slight changes to Pavlov's Slayer 3 to be done, work on part 4, possibly that beta for laney_1974, fic recs to be inspected, and you lovely people to hang out with.

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