Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

More Work fun...

Work continues to be interesting. Turned up at work today, ready to sign in and start, only to find that according to the sign-in sheet, I have the day off today. Gee, you'd think I might possibly know about this? On the other hand, I have turned up at work before and found I had a week's holiday starting that day. But that one was booked for me to use up my holidays before the end of the leave year. Anyhow, I stay and work, and at break go up and beat some sense out of Duties.

Turns out they screwed up. I had last Tuesday off, and all they did with the sign-on sheet from last week was change the date on top, and print it out again. *sighs* Lazy bastards.

Anyhow, must dash. Two betas to do tonight, a third part of Pavlov's Slayer to finish off and hopefully, more fun when I've finished those, with the mad bunch from last night.

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