Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Last post before I disappear - I swear !

*eyes suspicious package from Amazon that arrived this morning*

*shakes it a bit*

Must... resist... opening it... until tomorrow.

Anyhow, my Complete Buffy Seasons 1-7 DVD box set finally turned up yesterday. *drools* It's nice, very very very VERY nice. And as I promised a while back, here's the list of Joss Whedon's favourite ten Buffy Episodes not shot by him from his introduction :

1) The Pack (Season 1, episode 6)
My god, did we realise how dark we could go on this one. And it took us MONTHS to figure out that the episode wouldn't work unless one of ours was infected as well - one of the most valuable lessons for the rest of the show.

2) Ted (Season 2, episode 11)
John Ritter was a gentleman and a hell of an actor. And we got to start asking the really tough moral questions - just long enough to set up a swell act three break. Good act breaks are a thing of beauty forever.

3) Passion (Season 2, episode 17)
Death, La Boheme and Tony Head with a flaming baseball bat. Come ON, people.

4) I Only Have Eyes For You (Season 2, episode 19)
Boreanaz plays a man posessed by a woman with dignity and passion. I start thinking about a spin-off. Plus, a last frame to make people come back.

5) The Wish (Season 3, episode 9)
Dark. Dark and dark, just just a little bit of darkness thrown in. Plus, the first appearance of "Bored now". Xander's hand on the back of Willow's head when they bite Cordelia. This is where we enter the tunnel, by way of the looking-glass.

6) The Zeppo (Season 3, episode 13)
Deconstruction can be constructive! And wicked funny.

7) Earshot (Season 3, episode 18)
A mission statement for the show. Spoken by Buffy herself, after all the funny and the twisty and the creepy we could wring out of that premise.

8) Pangs (Season 4, episode 8)
To me, among the most radical and potentially offensive and neccessary messages we ever played. American History has fictionalised itself, and in an attempt to desconstruct it, we find ourselves repeating it.

We fight the same fight even if we didn't believe in the last one. Because that's what you do when someone's fighting you. The bicycle cavalry shot is one of my all time favourite moments, on many levels. Most of all on the silly level, but also all that history stuff I was going on about.

9) Fool For Love (Season 5, episode 7)
So much came out of this wonderfully crafted ep, out of James and Doug and me just geeking on the diverse fun of it all, Tales of the Slayers. My Sunday Shakespeare readings. And a wonderful follow up with Angel's "Darla". If you haven't seen them, watch these two episodes back to back.

10) Tabula Rasa (Season 6, episode 8)
For me, a hugely proud achievement, simply because it came right after the exhausting musical, was gut funny and quite moving, and proved that the episodes we really care about every season number twenty two and not one less.

11) Selfless (Season 7, episode 5)
Bunnies. Songs (well, one). Swedish. Stabbing. Good times.

12) Conversations With Dead People (Season 7, episode 7)
And from scheduling conflicts, an idea is born..., what if they NEVER see each other? What if four people spend a night alone in four very different stories, and we start it all with a song?

Yes, I know that's 12 episodes, but it's Joss's list after all....

Merry Christmas all!!!

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