Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic


So, it's Christmas time, and therefore the season of running around relatives. If anyone's interested, I'll be doing something like this:

Thurs 23rd - Last day at work
Christmas Eve - travel down to my parents.
Christmas Day - Presents! Oooooo! And turkey.
Boxing Day - Regretting eating so much turkey.
Mon 27th - Come back. Full internet access - Woot!
Tues 28th - Off work.
Wed 29th - Back at work, slaving away.
Thurs 30th - Still at work, but more grumbling.
New Years Eve - Off work, and probably mucho drunk.
New Years Day - Recovering.
Sun 2nd - Still recovering, but available.
Mon 3rd - And so the new year at work starts. Groan.

Anyhow, when I'm at my parents, I won't have any IM stuff, but I might be able to check LJ every now and then. Hopefully. So I'll be around, just not as much as normal.

If I don't speak to you before then, Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

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