Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Things to do...

Setting myself a few targets for the next two weeks :

1) Finally get round to watching some of the dvds I got at Christmas.
2) A couple of those Cheers/Buffy drabbles that have been hanging around at the back of my mind.
3) Try to get hold of at least one Anne Bishop book to read.
4) Final Fantasy X-2. Nuff said.
5) Another part of Splashdown. I'm already feeling a little guilty about leaving it so long - and the review that turned up this morning hasn't helped there.
6) Tidy up!
7) Work on the outline for my Buffy futurefic, and get things sorted in my head first.
8) Catch up and find out just what exactly is on some of my video tapes.
9) Go through the pile of junk mail on the side and check that they are in fact all junk.
10) Raid Andromedea (sci-fi & fantasy bookshop) in Birmingham.
11) Find out just when my sister (not physically related, but we adopted each other a while back) is getting out of hospital.
12) File that damn large pile of comics sitting on the side, which is almost over balancing whenever I walk past it.
13) Work out and book the rest of this years holiday from work.
14) Hair cut. Oh so needed in these winds at the moment.
15) Nice long hot bath.

Lets see just how many I manage to get done. The public challenge to myself should actually help here. Mind you, I think I'll go work on number 15 right now. ;)

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