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Faith/Nina (PG-13, Buffyverse1000 pairing)

Title: Lest Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot…
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Faith/Nina
Summary: Faith’s looking for a monster. What she gets is more heartbreak.
Length: Word count - 497
Author's Notes: For the buffyverse1000 pairings challenge.

Faith knows she’s never been the sharpest tool in the kit-bag, but hell, even Andrew could figure this one out. Last night of the full moon, one dazed and naked (hot!) chick wandering about in the woods, and the howling and reports of some kind of monster that she’d been sent up to look into. Ergo, not Bigfoot.

Her name’s Nina, and at first she refuses to admit to being a werewolf, but Faith’s persistent, and she’s the one with the extra clothes at the moment. Walking back to Nina’s cabin through the Canadian woods takes time, and Faith finds herself sneaking the occasional peek at Nina’s shapely body which doesn’t quite fit into her leather jacket. Looking down at her own t-shirted chest, she tells herself that they’re both cold, that’s all it is. Occasionally, she finds herself thinking of Oz, and wishes that she’d got to know him better back in the old Sunny-D.

Nina’s cabin is a nice one – full mod cons, good drink cabinet, stocked with a load of food. Faith spots the game consoles tucked away, and realises that it’s all very masculine. For some reason, her heart drops at the thought of Nina having a boyfriend. And that’s when she spots the Wolfram & Hart stationary.

It all goes very tense for a moment.

Nina refuses to talk about her friend, even with a stake pressed close to her face. And there’s something there, something that makes Faith drop it. And they’re still there, face to face, staring at each other’s strained expressions. Nina cracks first, and mutters about Angel sending her up there for her own safety, and how she’s waiting to hear from him before she…

She breaks off as a dawning horror appears on Faith’s face.

And Faith has to explain what happened to Angel and the others – the destruction of the L.A. Wolfram & Hart building, the running battles through the street, and the last desperate stand. It’s a long story, a dark and lonely story and one that breaks both their hearts in the end.

The drinks cabinet comes in quite handy during the re-telling, as the two of them swap tales of the guy who changed their lives. Nina giggles at Faith’s early Sunnydale days, before quieting as Faith hesitatingly explains her actions towards the end, and then her time in L.A. Nina tells of her awakening as a werewolf, and how Angel saved her too. It’s when she’s telling a hysterically laughing Faith of the “Puppet Angel” incident that it starts to sink in for both of them.

He’s gone, and he’s not coming back this time.

It might just be the whiskey talking, it might just be loneliness, but neither of them feel like sleeping alone that night. And if, in the middle of the night, a touch leads to a kiss, and a kiss leads to more intimate touching, well no one’s going to say a word.

If anything, he’d understand.

Tags: faith, femmeslash, fic

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