Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Still alive....

Well, the fun is still going at work this week. We're solidly in the peak period, so at times it's just a case of moving steadily through the mountain of stuff before you, and trying not to let it topple over on top of you. As an example, let's take a standard Monday in say, Feb. Then both CFC's (the sorting machine I work on) would put through about 125,000 letters total. Yesterday, a Tuesday in December, my machine solely put through 200,000 letters before I got to go home. And the Monday before that? Apparently, if we'd managed to do everything, the total would have been 850,000. For some odd, bizarre reason we failed.

Anyhow, only three definite more days of the 11 hour shifts to go, plus whatever overtime comes up next week. For reasons known only to Duties, they've decided that from Dec 19th onwards, there won't be any overtime available or booked. I strongly suspect this will be reversed before then, and someone get a kick up the backside.

Must remember to shave tomorrow - all this getting up early for work and chatting to people late at night is getting to me in those stumbling around the place, trying to get dressed and focus the world. At the moment I'm resembling an Angel-season-5 Wes with my stubble. No guns, unfortunately.

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