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Long day, but great fun

Big Christmas shopping trip around Birmingham city center. Got up at half seven to get going at half eight, and finally walked in the door at home at half ten at night. Long, exhausting and great, great fun. Treated myself to several books and trade paperbacks, and did most of my christmas shopping this weekend. Luckily, I did remember to pick up the wrapping paper this time. :)

V For Vendetta - Alan Moore at probably his peak. Superb stuff, and somehow, not as well known as everything else.
Point Blank - Ed Brubaker's apparent prequel/set-up for the brilliant Sleeper series.
Bone Volume 8 - needed to finish reading this series before the colour reprints start turning up.
Captain America : Operation Rebirth - The Mark Waid/Ron Garney Red Skull epic. Just could not resist it.
The Ultimates Hardback - X-mas present for my friend.
Invincible Vol 1 - Thought I'd see what the fuss over Kirkman is all about.
And finally
The Collected Dork Tower Vol 3 - Heart of Dorkness.

And picked up my parents christmas present too - hopefully they'll like a DVD player to go with the new TV and cable box. Mental note - buy SCART lead and actual DVDs.

But a great day out with Mandy and Derek (without the neices and nephew, so they were happy too :) ) around the new Bullring Shopping Center. Whic I like a lot - it's well designed, multi-leveled and even on a busy Saturday in December not too crowded. And some great shops in it too - the first Borders I've seen in this country! Woot!

Still running slightly on adrenaline right now and a couple of cups of coffee. There's several things yet to be done, so that'll be a fun day tomorrow now, but hey! New stuff to read!

Seen on a T-shirt while shopping : "It ain't going to suck itself!"

Right next to T-Shirt with : "It ain't going to lick itself!"

Right next to shorts with "It ain't going to lick itself!"

And worse of all, shorts with "Your face here" on them.

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