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And on this week's theme of crossovers I present:

Bound - Faith/Wonder Woman (PG-13)

It had been a long and hard fight, but eventually there could only be one winner.

“So, Princess,” Faith murmured into the Amazon’s ear, “You grew up on an island full of women only, right?”

Bound by her own lasso of truth, Wonder Woman glared up at her captor. “That’s correct,” came grudgingly from her mouth.

Raising an eyebrow, Faith continued “And you swear by Sappho a lot too?”

“Yes” was the terse reply.

“Excellent!” said Faith, “In that case, there’s something I’ve been wanting to do ever since I first saw you in that outfit….” and kissed her passionately.

And I tried to keep the word count down for the next one, but failed miserably. So it's a nice round 200 words instead. :D

Interview With the Vampire Slayer - Faith/Sydney Bristow (15)

Sydney couldn’t do a thing lying there, pinned to the floor, painfully aware of the very female body pressing down against her. Just how strong was this girl?

“So Miss CIA spook spy girl thingie,” Faith said, gently squirming her body around on top of Sydney, causing some rather unexpected feelings. “Now we’ve proved that there ain’t no way you’re infiltrating our little Slayer party, wanna talk?”

Sydney blinked. How the hell?

“See, we knew we’d attract attention sooner or later, so what we’re looking for is a like-minded organisation.” As those crimson lips moved ever closer, Sydney gazed up at Faith, not realising she’d already stopped struggling. “A sleeping partner, you might say..”

The two intent faces drew closer and closer together. Centimetres apart, Faith whispered softly “At least, that’s what I want. Are you…interested…in the position?”

Pulse pounding in her ears, gazing into those brilliant eyes, Sydney swallowed nervously. “I… I think I might like that….”

And as they kissed, the radio headset on the floor beside them crackled.

Back at Langley, Marshal turned away from his radio with a horrified expression, “I can’t make out for sure, but… Oh god, I think it’s some kind of torture...”

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