Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Fic : Control (Faith/Kennedy, NC-17)

Title: Control
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Just a quiet little shopping trip, right? A nice afternoon out with your girlfriend, right? Kennedy is so wrong.
Warnings: Femmeslash
Characters: Faith/Kennedy
Length: Word count - 1415
Author’s Note: Written for faith_slash, cross-posted to facets_of_faith. Third in the Alpha Slayer series.

It wasn’t that often that Willow and Kennedy just got to walk around Cleveland and just shop casually. If it wasn’t one apocalypse, it was another, or flying off all around the country to check on yet another newly discovered Slayer. Not that Kennedy objected too much to Willow’s frequent absences to go explain just what she’d done to the new Slayer’s life. No, Kennedy kept finding herself thinking more and more of her mistress, Faith.

Just saying it out loud in her head sent a shiver of pure lust tingling through Kennedy’s body. Willow turned an inquiring brow in her lover’s direction, and Kennedy just smiled cheerfully back and squeezed Willow’s hand. God, it was nice for the two of them to just do something nice and normal for a change.

Moving onto the next large clothes shop, Willow shot off right away to the wannabe-Wicca section, and Kennedy just rolled her eyes. “I’ll just be down the other end, hon,” she called over, “You know – where the stylish stuff is!” Willow just grinned right back and waved a lazy hand in her direction.

Passing by the changing rooms the next floor up, Kennedy was not expecting to be suddenly dragged inside by a very strong grip. Turning and whirling around in an instinctive fighting stance, she snarled “You’d better have a good reason for that, or you’re in for a world of….” Her voice trailed off as she recognised the slim leather clad female body in front of her.


Her mistress.

“Sshhh!” was all Faith gently whispered, placing one finger across her mouth. Then placing it softly across Kennedy’s, pushing the younger Slayer back across the cubicle and into the wall behind them. That same shiver ran straight through Kennedy again, but stronger this time.

Faith moved closer to Kennedy, and withdrew her finger, slowly trailing it down Kennedy’s body. It gently circled one breast, then flicked the suddenly hard nipple, causing Kennedy to gasp. “Oh no, no, no…” whispered Faith shaking her head gently, “Can’t have you doing that now, can we?”

And suddenly Kennedy found herself being kissed furiously, deeply and passionately. Her head swam, her body almost throbbed with the excitement as she duelled with Faith’s darting, thrusting, invading tongue. The feelings between her legs were getting hotter and damper, starting to pulse through her body as her mistress’s experienced hands roamed across her warm body, making their way through the clothes Kennedy was wearing.

She would have gasped again, when Faith’s hand slipped down the back of her trousers and caressed her ass. “Mmmmm!” was about all she could get out to show her appreciation. And then Faith’s hands were at the front of her jeans, working away at the clasp and zip, moving them down her legs.

And Faith’s kissing her frantically across her face, nibbling gently at her ear, while two of Faith’s fingers are stroking her very wet panties. And all she can do is wrap her arms around Faith, and somehow, somehow try to stay standing as those two exploring fingers slip underneath her panties.

And oh god, they’re slipping up and down through her trimmed hair, spreading the slickness along those lips, being so careful not to directly touch her clit and her breath’s coming in short pants as the feeling builds up so much higher and stronger than before. And Faith’s hot mouth covers hers once more and Kennedy can suddenly picture the two of them pressed up against the wall, her jeans at her feet, madly embracing the other girl. Staring over Faith’s shoulder, she can see the two of them in the mirror and it looks so freaking hot.

And oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck they’re inside her now moving in out in out in out in her hot wet slick channel and she can feel it building closer and closer and higher and higher and she’s there she’s there oh god oh god oh GOD!

And just as she’s about to tip over the edge into a white hot blazing orgasm, Faith’s thumb tweaks her clit as she buries her fingers deep inside Kennedy. And that does it. Kennedy comes, screaming Faith’s name into Faith’s mouth. And she collapses to the ground, panting at the severity of that orgasm.

“Hey!” comes an impatient cry from nearby. Looking up, Kennedy can see Faith sitting on the solitary chair provided. Somehow, she’s managed to slide those tight leather trousers off without Kennedy noticing. And not surprising her at all, it looks like Faith went commando today.

Faith slides herself to the edge of the seat, and opens her legs even wider. Beckoning to Kennedy, she says “My turn”.

Crawling across the carpet, as her legs don’t seem to be working properly at the moment, Kennedy kisses her way up Faith’s long gorgeous legs. That aroma, that special Faith aroma, so different from Willow greets her as she moves higher up those luscious legs. Gently kissing those strong inner thighs, Kennedy makes her way ever closer to her target.

She kisses and takes small flicks of her tongue on the heated flesh as she makes her way around to what Faith is waiting for. Glancing upwards, she can see Faith’s hands busy under her t-shirt, stroking and twisting her nipples, as her face flushes with excitement. Kennedy dives in, eager and wanting to pay her mistress back for the pleasure she just received.

She’s licking up and down, back and forth, circling the clit, teasing with her pierced tongue, making her mistress groan. And then she hears Willow calling her name.

“Kennedy! Honey!”

And Willow’s voice is right outside their cubicle.

And Faith and Kennedy’s eyes meet.

“Keep. Fucking. Going” is all Faith says, and pulls Kennedy’s head back onto her dripping pussy.

And oh god oh god Willow’s still calling and she’s working away licking Faith’s pussy and her own hands have somehow found their way into her own panties again and she can feel it rising up again and oh fuck oh fuck oh FUCK!

And Faith comes, biting down on her hand, desperately trying not to make any sound.

And Kennedy comes again, just as strongly as before, her screams muffled by Faith, as her fingers plunge deeper and deeper into her own pussy.

“Fuck…..” is all Faith can manage to say, lying back dazed in the chair. And panting, down on the floor again, Kennedy looks up, pleased at what she’s achieved. Then she remembers Willow.

Frantically pulling her jeans back up, Kennedy tucks herself in, and quickly checks her appearance in the mirror. Faith suddenly appears in the mirror behind her, making her jump. “I’m sorry, mistress,” she says, noting at the back of her mind just how easy that term has become to use, “But Willow… I have to…”

Faith gently kisses the nape of Kennedy’s neck, then straightens up and looks directly into Kennedy’s eyes. “Don’t forget, Kennedy – I’m not going to do your dirty work for you. You want to leave Willow, you do the dumping first.”

Kennedy drops her gaze from Faith, and continues fixing up her hair. There’s a slight pause before Faith drops her arm from Kennedy. “Fine,” says Faith, and starts getting her stuff ready. Kennedy quickly hurries out, confused and torn. Taking a deep breath outside the cubicle, she pastes a cheerful face on.

Why can’t she have both? They both bring out different things in her.

Kennedy eventually found Willow back near the wannabe’s clothing range again. “Hey hon,” she said and kissed Willow. “Sorry ‘bout that – just dashed outside to make a quick phone call.” There’s a slightly puzzled look on Willow’s face, but she quickly recovered and tried to make a pouting face, which quickly melted away when Kennedy hugged her.

“So where do you want to go now?” asked Willow, as she hefted her now bulging shopping bags, before being interrupted by a hearty “Yo! Guys!” from across the store.

And it’s Faith with her solitary bag of stuff.

“Nice place this, ain’t it?” says Faith as she reaches the other two. “Gonna have to make sure I come here again.”

And she’s looking directly into Kennedy’s eyes as she says this. And Kennedy can feel that whole shiver going down her spine all over again.

God, this is a dangerous game she’s playing. But it’s her choice. For once, she’s got the power, and there’s no way she’s giving up these feelings.


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