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Answerphone Fic Tag - Draco Malfoy

Arthur Weasley finally got the Ministry of Magic to allow a certain number of magically powered muggle devices known as “ansafones” or "voicemail" to be tested by the general Wizarding population. Little did he suspect the severe test of the system that was about to take place…

"This is Draco Malfoy. If you really must get in contact with me, leave a message and then call back later. You don't really think I'd bother to call you, do you?"

“Draco! It’s Ginny! The test came back positive – I’m pregnant! And um… I might have accidentally mentioned it to Mum. Sorry. Um… just call me back?”

Rules of the Game

It’s LJ Answerphone/Voicemail fic tag!

Just the one main rule: each reply can only be left in the form of an answerphone or voicemail message, either to Draco or someone else’s machine. One reply, one person, one post, and you must quote the message of the person being called if it's already been established.

Feel free to go haywire from the so-called plot. Although, I wonder how Fred or George would take this news – or Narcissa come to that….

Thanks to gianfared for helping me work all this out. You're a star. And mynuet as well - also a star! *embarassed look*
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