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FIC : Poor Gavin (20 minutes with Gavin) PG13

Really, really not sure on this one, so I'm only posting it here for the moment.

Let me know if you think I'm a raving lunatic.

Hello, Boys and Girls. Would you like to hear a story?

Oh, good.

This is Gavin.

Gavin is a lawyer.

Gavin is a dead lawyer.

That’s right. Gavin is a zombie.

See Gavin stumble forward. See Gavin snarl.

See Gavin stumble though the Wolfram & Hart building looking for someone to eat.

Oh dear – there’s no-one left alive for Gavin to eat.

Poor Gavin.

See the building in lock-down. See how the other zombies stop and finally die.

But not Gavin.

See Gavin still stalk the building.

See Wolfram & Hart’s sister company UmbrellaCorp enter the building.

See them lure Gavin into a big box with fresh meat in it.

Oh no! Poor Gavin is captured!

See UmbrellaCorp take poor Gavin to Raccoon City.

See them experiment on Gavin.

See Gavin prodded and poked and probed.

Poor Gavin.

Gavin is hungry.

See the UmbrellaCorp scientists happy. They have found how to scientifically make zombies.

No more horrible yucky magic for them.

Poor Gavin is still hungry.

See the UmbrellaCorp people create loads of zombies and experiment on them.

See the T-Virus.

See the Lab Techs take one last examination of Gavin.

Oh dear! See poor hungry Gavin bite one of the Lab Tech’s arms!

Oh no! See the Security Guards attack Gavin and lock him away again!

Poor Gavin is still hungry.

See night draw in.

See the Lab Tech get more and more strange.

Oh no! See the Lab Tech also become a Zombie!

See the Lab Tech Zombie break the Lab.

Oh no! The T-Virus is broken.

See the T-Virus escape.

See the T-Virus affect everyone else in the Complex.

See lots and lots of Zombies roaming around the Complex. They all want to eat something now.

See the Lab Tech Zombie release Gavin by accident.

See Gavin is now free. But still hungry.

See Gavin look for food.

Oh! Gavin can smell live food!

Gavin will soon be happy again.

See Gavin lurch round the corner.

See Gavin meet Jill Valentine and Alice.

See Alice’s shotgun.

See Alice’s shotgun come up.

See Gavin…


See Gavin’s brains.

Oh dear. Poor Gavin is finally dead.

Poor, poor Gavin.


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