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More Faith_slash stuff

First of all, I created a meme :

Your next Faith_slash Pairing by booster17
Favourite food
You'll write Faith andBuffy
in anight club
witha nurse's outfit
andhorny as hell.
Readers willsay "Eh. Needs more work".
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Tougher to do than they look actually. But great fun! :)

And I also did a quick entry for faith_slash's latest drabble challenge.

She moves through the vamps like a knife through butter, each spinning kick and furious thrust of her stake finding a target. She’s a perfectly controlled maelstrom of emotion and power, wrapped up in one sleek brunette body to die for.

I watch Faith from the corner of my eye as I perform my own dance through the vamps. She moves so differently from my own Slaying routine.

And she’s driving me crazy.

It’s only the moments like these, when the facades drop away, and we move together as one.

Only now can I admit to myself…

I want her.

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