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Great. Just Great.

Oh joy.

Another US election, another long wait for a result. And worst of all - Ohio (which is looking like this year's Florida) still uses chads.


I'm putting my money on the table right here and now and saying that it'll be two weeks yet (at least) before the result is accepted by both sides. Whatever it is.

Poll #377760 How long before we know the next President?

So, how long do you think it's be until we know for sure who the next US President will be?

We'll know today, stupid!
It'll all be sorted out by tomorrow.
'Bout a week, maybe. But all done and dusted by then.
Minimum of two weeks given all the lawyers involved.
It'll all be over by X-Mas. Wait.. that sounds familiar...
January. Specificaly the day before inauguration.
None of the Above. The courts will decide for us, and we'll spend the next four years bitching about it.

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