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Trick or Treat challenge

Another double drabble for faith_slash, but this time featuring Faith and Kennedy, and a semi-sequel to Alpha Slayer. I'm quite starting to like that particular pairing....

Title: Trick Or Treat
Pairing: Faith/Kennedy
Rating: NC-17
Summary: At Halloween, while the witch is away, the Slayers will play... Semi-sequel to Alpha Slayer.
Word count: 200 exactly.

It was Halloween, traditionally the night for dark things to come out, and scare innocent children. Or in Faith’s case, just come.

As the fireworks stopped exploding through Faith’s body, she slowly relaxed and her strong thighs parted to reveal Kennedy’s face lying between them. “Come here,” said Faith with a wicked smile, and dragged Kennedy up level with her. She kissed Kennedy deeply, not minding the taste of her own juices plastered over Kennedy.

“Well, that pierced tongue of yours was certainly a treat,” Faith said, licking her lips. “But what about that trick you promised?”

Kennedy looked embarrassed, which is quite a trick when you’re topless and your hands are tied behind you. “Mistress?” she whispered, “I must tell you… I was thinking of Willow when I was doing that…”

Faith sat up suddenly, her naked body gleaming in the dim candlelight. “You what?”

Kennedy suddenly flashed a mischievous smile up at her. “Trick, Mistress.”

Faith stopped, paused, then exploded into laughter. Finally she stopped laughing, and regarded Kennedy with a predatory gaze. “Nice one. But you were a bad girl to do that to your Mistress, and bad girls get spanked…”

“My treat,” thought Kennedy, inwardly smirking.


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