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'First Times' double drabble (Faith/Buffy, 15)

Cross-posted to faith_slash, and for their 'First Time' drabble challenge.

‘First Times’

Flashes of memory spin through Faith’s head as she lies there.

The first time she saw Buffy standing there outside the Bronze and felt her pulse race.

The first time she caught B just looking at her in that certain way, full of promise and heat. Like the way she used to look at Angel.

The first time they kissed, covered in vamp dust, stakes still tightly clutched in their grasp.

Feeling Buffy writhing rhythmically underneath her for the first time against that alley wall as her fingers explored deeper and deeper inside B’s trousers.

The hot, lust-filled look on B’s face as she lowered her face towards Faith’s dripping wet pussy.

The look on B’s face when she said for the very first time, “I love you, Buffy.”

These all flood through her brain in seconds, and the pain doesn’t hurt as much. And all the blood isn’t important any more.

Buffy’s lifting her up, and Faith can see the tears in her eyes and wants to tell her to not be so silly. But it hurts and it’s dark and it’s all she can do to raise her head to kiss Buffy one more time.

Their last kiss.


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