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Fic : Alpha Slayer (Faith/Kennedy, NC-17)

For the buffyverse1000 challenge :

Title : Alpha Slayer
Author : Booster
Rating : NC-17
Summary : For the Buffyverse1000 pairings challenge.
Disclaimer : Buffy and the gang belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy.
Setting : Post-Chosen for everyone.
Distribution: Twisting the Hellmouth, Buffyverse1000; If anyone else wants it, just email and ask.
Feedback: Yes, please.


Faith/Kennedy – Alpha Slayer

It’s a couple of weeks after Sunnydale sank into a great big hole. They’ve started settling down in Cleveland, and everyone going their separate ways around the area, getting stuff sorted, healing up and remembering those who didn’t make it out. There’s a frantic air over their new base of operation with people coming and going at all times of the day.

So Faith knows no-one will miss them for a few hours when she seduces Kennedy.

She’s felt those kinds of sideways looks when she was in prison, that hot sideway glances stolen when they thinks no-one is looking. The eyes that follow her as she wiggles her butt on the way out of the room. She wasn’t entirely inexperienced on that side of the street before she was locked up for three years with a load of other frustrated horny women, but by the time she left, she’d certainly made a detailed study.

And she knew that Kennedy wanted her.

And poor Willow didn’t have a clue. It was so obvious who wore the pants in that particular relationship in the house – and just as obvious who had made the first moves and pursued Willow. But now Kennedy was getting almost obvious in her need, her desire for Faith’s own flaunted sexuality. And Robin was still laid up in hospital for another week yet. And damn! When a girl’s got an itch to scratch, it’s mighty convenient when there’s someone there who’d make a good scratching post…

So one Thursday morning, she drags Kennedy into the now-sound proofed training area and kisses her hard.

They’re meant to meet Buffy in half an hour, so there’s no real time to do this for as long as Faith wants to, but she’s a smart girl – she’ll cope. Kennedy’s kissing her back just as hard as Faith is for a moment, before realizing that she really shouldn’t be in this situation. “Um….Faith?” is all she manages to come up with, while gazing up at Faith’s face.

“I’ve seen you looking at me, Kennedy,” explains Faith patiently, never pausing as her hands moved over Kennedy’s body, stroking gently through her hair before moving downwards. “You want me, and face it – I’m getting so horny that I’m ready to start making eyes at Giles soon enough.”

“But… that’s not true,” says Kennedy as the heat gathering in her eyes betray the lie. And her body presses closer to Faith, and her searching hands. “But… but... Willow…?” is all she manages to get out as Faith tweaks a hard nipple through her shirt. And with that unwitting sigh that she lets escape, Faith knows she was right.

Sliding her hands down Kennedy’s sides, softly grazing her fingertips across the suddenly restrictive clothing, Faith starts teasing her. Slowly, oh so slowly, Faith pulls Kennedy’s shirt out from the tight black jeans she’s wearing. Moving behind Kennedy now, her breath on her neck causes Kennedy to almost melt backwards into Faith. One hand moves upwards almost automatically seeking Faith.

And then Faith is pushing back Kennedy’s hair and gently kissing and teasing her neck. Softly nuzzling, and then a playful little nip at the nape of her neck. And Kennedy tries to hold on to something of Faith, to say something, anything, but all that comes out is a whispered “Please…”

And Faith’s hands are under Kennedy’s shirt now, stroking and caressing the warm smooth flesh there. Moving up slowly, teasingly towards the now aching breasts. And Kennedy’s never quite felt like this before. She’s always been the aggressor in a relationship before, the one to make the moves, not like this. Oh god, never like this before.

Faith slyly strokes the side of Kennedy’s breasts under the shirt, deliberately taunting the younger Slayer with the anticipation of what’s coming. Her hot breath on the back on Kennedy’s neck, the slow smooth kisses towards her ear, the warm hands on her body… And she closes her eyes as the waves of pleasure build slowly. Faith whispers in her ear, as her talented teasing hands trace their way across the now tight bra, “Do you think of me at night?”

And her nipples are hard, and almost painful as they cry out for attention. And Faith seems to know this without even trying. One fingernail traces a delicate line along the bra strap towards the nipple, then sensually traces circles around it without actually touching. “All those long, cold nights,” Faith continues, her hot breath sending shivers down Kennedy’s spine. “Lying there, Willow asleep by your side,” she softly says.

And oh god, Faith’s squeezing those hard nipples now, each rhythmic caress sending a jolt of pure lust down to her suddenly damp pussy. And Faith’s voice teases in turn as her hands play expertly over Kennedy’s relaxed and almost throbbing body. “And you’ve been watching me that day, dreaming about me.” A moan slips free of Kennedy’s mouth, even as the waves of pleasure mount higher and build more frequently.

And one hand leaves the throbbing nipple and slides downwards, down towards her now wet and very, very willing pussy. “Do you think of me then?” asks Faith, slipping her fingers under the waistband. And Kennedy finds herself slipping deeper and deeper into the sheer ecstasy of Faith doing this to her. Her head rolls from side to side, as the feelings build in intensity. One finger wends its way lower through the soft curls and finds it’s warm, wet destination. And oh god, oh god, Faith’s nibbling on her ear now. And the other hand still rolls the taut firm nipple.

She’s breathing in small short pants now, and it’s only been a moment. “Do you do this and imagine that it’s me doing it to you?” Faith whispers. And her finger is caressing her clit and the pulses of heaven keep washing though her and deeper and higher and harder.

And oh god the finger’s inside her now and it’s moving in and out and in and out and she’s wet so wet and she needs it and she wants it and –

White lights go off in Kennedy’s head as she comes, muscles spasming in a rush of warm wet ecstasy. She sways and almost drops to the floor, oddly grateful for Faith’s smothering kiss stopping her scream of pleasure from escaping.

And then suddenly she’s alone – no warm human body behind her. No hands touching her anywhere. “Wha..?” Kennedy says, and somehow manages to focus again on Faith.

“We got no time now,” says Faith firmly, standing there in front of Kennedy, arms planted on her hips, picture of confidence and not a hair out of place. “You got your rocks off, which is always of the good.”

She lifts the still confused Kennedy up from her slumped position. “But don’t you forget,” Faith says almost fiercely, "You’re mine now. And you owe me. Big time."

Slipping one finger into Kennedy’s mouth, she tilts Kennedy’s face up towards her. "And don’t think for a moment I won’t want re-paying." And it’s the finger that was just inside Kennedy. And it’s all her.

And Kennedy just nods, and sucks it clean.

"Yes, Mistress."


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