Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Firstly : Bye-bye Wesley...

Work looks like it's gonna to be another long and mammoth slog this week again. In all their infinite wisdom, the duties room has let several of the key people (who actually work!) take this week off. And if they have bothered to cover any of the vacant posts, then they've filled them with the most inappropriate people possible - For god's sake, Sarah's so small she literally can't reach across to the far side of the packet stamping table, Paul A hates feeding so bad, he'll swop to do anything else, and Gibby's just painfully slow in sorting. I may have to go round Mark's tonight after work just to blow things up on the x-box.

Fantasy football update : I'm number one! I'm number one! And no, I can't quite believe it either - beating those damned Muppets was not something I expected. Commiserations go to gianfared who appears nailed to the bottom of the league.

Writing's starting to flow again now thankfully - After the 20 mins with Gunn/Daredevil on Sunday, I've gotten halfway through a little Faith/Kennedy smut for buffyverse1000 and did a double drabble for empressvesica's First Lines meme : a little Faith/Stargate cross.

Title : Run That By Me Again, Willya?
Author : Booster
Rating : PG-13
Summary : People meet up in the strangest places.
Source : Vesica

Light. Bright light.

It grew to a brilliant white glare against her eyelids, before finally fading.

Faith looked around in confusion – some sort of metal room with a console. And behind that was two men in military gear and what looked like one of those gray aliens Andrew had gone on and on about that time when he’d got her trapped. Huh.

Figure it out later. Guys with guns, and out of her reach. Looking somewhat unhappy and trigger happy too. Time to use her best weapon – her sexuality.

Tilting her hips somewhat, she drawled “Some kind of party for little old me, fellas? Gal’s gotta feel a little appreciated here…”

The white military guy just looked at her, sighed loudly, and turned to the gray alien dude. “For crying out loud, Thor! That’s definitely not Carter!”

Thor faced him. “I am sorry O’Neill, for this error on my part. The system was actually set for your DNA pattern rather than Major Carter’s.”

He turned and bowed towards Faith. “I am sorry to interrupt your offspring’s day.”

There was a long pause.

Faith blinked.

O’Neill blinked.

“Offspring?” asked O’Neill.

Faith unwittingly took two steps forward, towards him. “What. The. Fuck…?” she asked, shocked.


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