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FIC : Blind Justice? (20 minutes with Gunn) PG13

Was thinking about doing the 20 minute challenge with Ilyria challenge, but for some reason, remembered that I'd never got round to doing the Gunn challenge from a while back.

Title : Blind Justice?
Author : Booster
Rating : PG-13
Summary: It’s Charles Gunn of Wolfram & Hart against Matt Murdock of Murdock and Nelson in a legal face-off to the finish. Part of Jinni’s 20 minutes with Gunn Challenge.
Disclaimer : Buffy and the gang belong to Joss Whedon and Mutant Enemy. Matt Murdock/Daredevil belongs to Marvel Comics.
Setting: Somewhere around Angel season 5.
Distribution: Twisting the Hellmouth, FanFiction.Net, if anyone else wants it, just email and ask.
Feedback: Yes, please.
Dedicated to: Lucinda Siverling, who does these type of crossovers so much better than me.


“All rise,” says the Bailiff as Judge Anders enters the room.

We all politely get to our feet, and then sit back down as soon as he settles. The case of Gibson V Baker is about to get underway. My name is Matt Murdock, sometimes known as Daredevil and I’m representing Wayne Baker.

Across the aisle, a young bald black attorney rises to his feet and introduces himself as Charles Gunn from Wolfram & Hart. I don’t actually look directly at him due to my blindness, but the sharpened senses I possess pick up everyone’s reactions to that name. Wolfram & Hart do not have the best reputation, but they do have the best record of getting their clients off.

On the other hand, I once heard that they turned the Kingpin down as a client, because he lacked vision.

It’s a simple case. Or rather it was before Wolfram & Hart suddenly started representing Sylvia Gibson. It all boiled down to one person’s word against another, and I know Wayne is innocent of this libel published by Miss Gibson’s muck-raking magazine. One little known, but extremely helpful, aspect of my super-powers is being able to hear a person’s heartbeat. When they lie, it races automatically, making me a living lie detector.

Gunn starts off by asking for a dismissal of the case, citing Freedom of the Press. Nice try – might even have worked one day long ago. But the Judge pauses before dismissing it. I start to get a nasty feeling about this case.

The day continues, and things only get worse for my client. One witness after another deny seeing Wayne near 4th Street that night, which only goes to support Miss Gibson’s accusations of drunk driving and knocking that young girl down. Scandal! Magazine certainly made the most out of the story, so I’m not surprised at the offense they’re putting on here.

At the back of the courtroom, I notice a smartly dressed young woman watching. From the reaction of Gunn’s flunky/second chair, I assume her to be also from Wolfram & Hart. As the court breaks for a slight recess, I see Gunn heading over to her. Concentrating hard, I filter out all the extraneous comments and chat happening around us, and listen to their words.

Gunn sullenly greets her as Eve, and makes some sort of joke about not expecting her to leave her crypt that early. She just smiles tightly, and insists that he wrap up the case as soon as possible. The Senior Partners want it.

The day draws on, and the case gets nastier by turns. Witnesses, that I spoke to only days before with crystal clear recollections, are suddenly unclear when on the witness stand. Foggy and I try everything to back up Wayne’s story and nail down his whereabouts, but it’s suddenly a lot trickier than we ever dreamed it would be.

Finally, we take one last recess before the Judge sums up. It’s mainly to console Wayne that I take it. I can’t do any more for him, and he knows it. It’s a strange tableaux with me, Foggy and Wayne sitting around with nothing more to say.

And then there’s a knock on the door.

And a sound, clearly audible to my ears, of something being placed by the door.

And the sound of someone quickly exiting the corridor.

Foggy investigates, and comes back with a parcel. No note, no signature, and no idea who said it. I can’t sense anything dangerous inside it, so I tell Foggy to open it. It’s a video tape. And a note with the words ‘Play me’ scrawled on it.

And naturally, it’s time for the session to resume. We have no time, no choice and nowhere else to go. So I grab the tape, and we all head back. It’s time for my final summing up, so with no idea, I take one of the biggest gambles in my legal career.

“Your honor,” I begin, “I’d like to introduce this video tape into evidence. I haven’t actually seen it myself, so to speak, but I assure you that it is relevant.”

Judge Anders looks at me for a moment, then agrees. Gunn attempts a protest, but his argument is a simple one that I could brush aside back in law school. There’s a slight delay while they bring a TV into the courtroom, and I take the chance to look at my opponents. Miss Gibson looks bored, Eve at the back of the court is studying her nails, and Gunn is wearing one of the blankest expressions I’ve ever sensed.

When the tape is played, Foggy clutches at my arm – it’s a service station security camera tape he tells me in a hoarse whisper, dated on the night in question. And within seconds of the tape starting, Wayne Baker is apparently clearly visible getting out of his car and re-fueling. And according to the time and location information scrolling across the bottom of the tape, he’s completely cleared.

Judge Anders takes only a couple of minutes to make up his mind, and finds in favor of our client. Miss Gibson and Scandal! have to find half a million dollars to pay Wayne – not to forget our legal fees, of course.

I glance over at the Wolfram & Hart contingent. Eve looks completely furious, but Gunn… Gunn looks strangely serene, and not as upset as I’d expect. They sweep out of the courtroom past us – she’s furious and demanding to know what happened to their air-tight case. Gunn’s busy protesting that there was no way he could have expected video evidence to turn up at the last possible moment.

And I can hear his heartbeat racing only when he says the last sentence.

He’s lying.


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