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Sentimental yet sardonic [userpic]


October 19th, 2004 (11:29 am)

So tired. And I haven't even got to work yet. I think it's a combination of staying up late to bleerily watch the Rams game last night (Hey! I had to - my fantasy football result depended on the game), going back to work and the amount of time that Fable is draining away from my life. Worse thing about Fable - it's not even my own copy, and I'll have to give it back tonight.

Will try to get some more writing done soon. It's more a matter of forcing myself to sit down at the keyboard and turn all the various messengers off. I love chatting to my friends, but it seems to be them, or writing fic - maybe I should schedule a day to secude myself away. :)

*huggles everyone* Have a nice day.

EDIT: Forgot to say - I did win my fantasy football game, which now puts me level with the Muppets. This week it's gianfared's Wildcats.





Posted by: Queen of Quarks (gianfared)
Posted at: October 19th, 2004 06:17 am (UTC)

Er, you must have been very tired. I checked and re-checked the match-ups for week seven and you're playing the Muppets who will have both McNabb and Manning playing. I think you can bet they will be bringing it on ... full force.

*buffs nails on shirt* I sure smashed them into the ground this week - do you think you can manage a win? *eg* BTW, you've been on a winning streak, but by my calculations, no one has won five straight (you're the first to win four in a row). I think you're due for a loss, m'dear.

FYI, you don't play me until week nine when my birthday is the Tuesday we find out the results of the match up and Favre and Walker have a bye (nice pressie Brett gave me, don't you think?). THAT's going to be interesting...

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