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Grrr. Aargh.

Dear employee of Game,

Re: X-Men Legends

After telling me that the game would be out on the 1st of October, then on the 4th, and finally on the 15th (today), kindly do not get snooty with me when I express mild disbelief that it will, in fact, ship on the 22nd of October.



1. Work on Torture, Sleeper sequel.
2. Defrost fridge.
3. Set up Fantasy Football team for this week.

4. Ultimates Hardback, baby!!
5. Locate pile of old Star Trek comics to pass on to Mark.
6. Drabble for wildecate.
7. Watch Stargate : Atlantis first ep.
8. Annoy Ves until she either leaves FB, or gives me more Faith/Dick to distract me.
9. Frantically email houses7177 about tomorrow.
10. Eat something!

11. Wash up/tidy up.
12. Reply to all the nice Sleeper feedback that's turned up.
13. Hairwash

14. Play now borrowed copy of Fable.

EDIT : List updated, and added to. *sigh*

Plus, I'm informed by my mate that the 29th is much more likely for X-Men Legends. He only tells me that after letting me play for 15 minutes on his import copy. Git.
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