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What a lovely day

Firstly, a great big thanks to everybody who's congratulated me on my birthday.

It's been a great, fun, marvelous day today - almost perfect. Was able to have a very long lie-in today, complete with my brand new birthday present of Terry Pratchett's latest hardback : Going Postal. Very fitting, considering my job, and that I had the week off and didn't have to go near the place.

A nice long soak in a hot bath, caught up with a friend who I haven't seen for a couple of years (and I'll be heading round her place tomorrow night now), and just generally had a relaxing time. Plus, I got HP smut written for my birthday from the lovely and talented gianfared, and the equally brilliant empressvesica is doing a Faith/Dick Grayson/Barbara Gorden fic for me.

Wish all birthdays were this relaxing. :)

Thanks, everyone.

EDIT/UPDATE And for all you Harry Potter fans, who haven't heard Draco representing for the dark side, might very well enjoy This : Tony Goldmark - Sirius Black. Made me smile considerably.
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