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Sentimental yet sardonic [userpic]

January 14th, 2004 (11:37 pm)

Going along nicely at the moment. Successfully downloaded an icon (See? Ain't it pretty?) and changed the bleak basic style to that of Notepad. It'll do for the moment, though I reserve the right to change my mind at all time. :P

Added friends to the list, though got sidetracked by noticing that houses had a new part of Willow Tree Burning up. Then got side tracked further by gnawing pains of hungriness so finally finished watching Seeds Of Death while eating lasagna. Decadence.

Currently watching : Muppet Show dvd (Lynda Carter episode)
Fic of the Day : Willow Tree Burning, of course. http://www.tthfanfic.com/story.php?no=570


Posted by: houses (houses7177)
Posted at: January 15th, 2004 05:38 am (UTC)
Ian Insanity [houses]

Hello Hello! Welcome to LJ. If you want any of my icons help yourself.

Glad you liked the chapter--and I reiterate, four more chapters and it's done. I have the outline to prove it. [grins]

Have a good one,


Posted by: Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17)
Posted at: January 15th, 2004 09:11 am (UTC)

*eyes tempting offer carefully*

Maybe after the last part's come out. I don't want to be spoiled, after all. :)

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