Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Angel 5.11 "Damage"

Now that was fun. A big episode, and one to make you think.

Okay, they got me. First with the Spike is the kidnapper twist. Then again with the she's actually mixing up the Slayer memories with her own. Really should have guessed that - after all, as they made clear at the end, Spike was only really in it for the fights and the thrills. Solid, calculating torture like that was more along Angelus's line.

And Andrew. Overall, I still feel that Xander would have been a better choice for that episode than Andrew, but from a comic relief approach to tone down the blood and shock of the main story, he worked better. Plus the twist with the Slayers at the end works much better from an Andrew approach. I still wonder how much fun that would have been having Xander facing down Angel. *snerk*

Loved Andrew's line regarding Wes : "I see Mr Giles may have been wrong about you." *snort* Of course, Giles's information on Wesley would be wrong! Unless I'm mistaken, Giles and Wes haven't met since Graduation Day. That's four years.

Spike's arms. Ewwwww. But a bloody good twist, and loved the Shaman reference to Lindsey's hand that Fred made at the end. Not entirely sure what the reasons behind it were, unless it was all about actions. You need your hands to do actions, and this episode was all about facing up to your actions and accepting the consequences. Spike, for what might be the first time, faced up to the damage that he did along the way. This time he was in the place of the victim, something he might never have done before.

The Slayers. Interesting twist to have them show up at the end, but why they weren't out searching for Dana, I have no idea. It does tie somewhat into my idea of Andrew being sent to distract Angel and co, while all the nearby Slayers raced to LA (can't quite see one being assigned to LA if the Scoobies distrust Angel so much).

Gunn and the golf course. Yeah, sure Gunn... just the knowledge of the law was it? Oh, and some demon languages. Oh, and Gilbert and Sullivan. Oh, and have some free golf lessons while we're at it. What next? Angel's "I think I liked you better when you just wanted to hit people" rang true.

Eve - gone but not forgotten. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Angel and Co backed down in the end for fear of offending the senior partners. The same senior partners they spent the first three season fighting against. They're not getting sucked in, are they now? </sarcasm>

Subtlest and biggest line of the night : at the end, when Spike said "The little ponce double-crossed us?" Us. Now, that's interesting. Sub-conscious or not, Spike's thrown his lot in with Angel. Not the Watcher's Council (and please note that Andrew didn't want to take Spike either).

Next week : Bring on Cordy! If there's anyone who'll tell them exactly what she thinks and without pulling any punches, it's Miss Chase.

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