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A little late, but lets just blame that on the computer crisis, shall we?

The Rules of Engagement:

1. Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
2. I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
3. You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
4. You'll include this explanation.
5. You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed

From houses7177 :
1. What drew you to writing fanfic?
Erk. Start off with the tough ones, why don't we?

Well, I always used to be pretty reasonable at English at school, and grew up a voracious reader of books. Even now, I can generally start and finish an ordinary sized paperback in a couple of hours. Having the ability to read fast though has the inevitable down side in that you soon run out of things to read. While I was a student or unemployed, the library was my solution to that problem. Trouble came when I got employed. I work slightly odd hours to everyone else : 2pm-10pm at the time. Thus, library closed and not much else was available but the internet.

And thus I found fanfic.

And I read it. And I read it. And then I read some more. And then I started feeling guilty about not leaving feedback, so I started on that. And then came Laney, who replied to my feedback, so I replied back. And we became regular correspondents whenever a new part of her work came out. Looking behind the scenes, so to speak, got me interested for the first time in ages in possibly writing my own fanfic. So I shyly did a short piece and offered it up to Laney for ripping apart.

For some reason she liked it. I still didn't feel ready to stick any work out on the web until I came up with Just Passing Though. Because it had the whole Military Report structure to it, I found it a lot easier to write and I didn't worry quite as much. So August 2003, I launched myself on TtH. Basically, blame Laney for all my fic.

2. Why the name Booster as a pen name?
It's the same name that I use throughout the Net, and even as a gaming tag on various computer games. I'm Booster on TtH and various forums, Booster1 on, and Booster17 on LJ or ebay.

As to why, that all goes back to the misty expanses of 1990 or so. I was at college. This town actually had a comic shop. So there went my time, my money and my social life. Hanging out with the group of us that used that shop as a meeting point was fun and a damn good introduction to life (not to mention that everyone was convinced that they were better off than someone else in the group). So one drunken night in the pub, we all decided that we should all be members of the then Justice League and that each of us should be one specific characters. Mo picked Superman. Mark picked Captain Atom. I picked Booster Gold. Obscure? Hell yes, but he was a time traveler with a fun armoured suit and a forcefield.

Anyhow, for something that happened 14 years ago, it's stuck. For better or for worse, I'm Booster or Boost. It's part of me now, and frankly I wouldn't change it.

3. Which are your favorite comic universes and why?
Again a tough one. The DC universe has the best characters (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc) but the Marvel universe is more cohesive and hangs together more. I love it when a character from one series over here pops up in series 2 over here. Probably why I like crossover fanfic so much.

In little subsets, I love the whole Batman mini-universe that DC have going. Robin, Batgirl and Birds Of Prey (forget the TV show. This is actually good) expand the mythos nicely. But the DC subset I love the most is the Legion. Set in the 31st century now, it's just so much fun and Brainiac 5 is my hero.

The first three years of the Crossgen universe were fascinating and beautiful to look at, until the recent upheavals. Negation still rules for having the most shocking twists and no-character-is-safe feel though.

4. You mentioned that Dawn and Amy are two of your favorite characters. What about them appeals to you?
Amy because it's more a sense of lost/wasted opportunities for Buffy. She would have made a good Scooby back in high school, and just imagine how second or third season could have gone with her around more. She was always one of my favourite minor characters, which is why I hated what they did to her in season 7. To me, she's the Scooby that got away. *sigh*

Dawn is more the opposite - so many possibilities, so many choices. Will she age? Is she immortal? Will she become a Watcher, or follow in her sister's footsteps? What else can a Key do? Sky's the limit with Dawn as a character. And face it - anyone who's seen the poster to Eurotrip will agree that Michelle Trachtenberg has certainly grown up (and out!).

5. If you could realistically pair up any two fictional characters, who would it be and why? Would it be happily ever after or not?
Gak. No-one really springs to mind, unless you include Xander and Dawn (and that's a stretch). Or maybe marry Adele Mundy off to Daniel Leary. :) As it is, I'm still not comfortable writing relationship angst myself yet, much as I enjoy reading it. Still, one day perhaps. And happily ever after? Yup. I'm definitely a romantic at heart, and believe that two people can be together for the rest of their life.

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