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Dedicated to empressvesica and fiannan.

She’d always thought B was the one with the vamp fetish.

And yet here she was. Naked, sweating, her heart pounding, moving between Buffy’s two ex’s. Sometimes she wondered how she’d gotten there. She moaned as Angel’s talented tongue traced delicate patterns on the nape of her neck before gently nibbling at her ear. And all the time she continued moving herself on Spike beneath her.

Spotting something fishy in Andrew’s report about Dana had been one thing. Getting the mention of the injured blond haired vampire from the other Slayers present had been quite another. So why hadn’t she spoken to B and the others about it?

Why come to Wolfram & Hart herself?

Spike’s hands reached and caressed her swinging breasts as she moved and panted above him, and conscious thought left her for a brief white flash of pleasure. His fingers gently teased and then twisted her nipples, sending waves through her.

And there he’d been: Spike. Back from the fiery end he’d found under Sunnydale. She remembered peeking back at him burning up, B standing in front of him. And now, he stood there, solid as ever, with a slightly embarrassed look on his face. She couldn’t help but flash back to the first time she’d seen him in the undead flesh, and the teasing, flirting questions she’d asked him while wearing Buffy’s body.

Occasionally she wondered whether she’d actually started the whole fixation with Buffy. Another thing she’d damaged along the way.

She sank deeper and filled herself more with Spike (such a fitting name!), then moaned with sheer passion as she felt Angel moving behind her with determination. The thought of just how good you could get with a couple of hundred years practice excited her still further. She tried not to think about Darla or Drusilla.

As ever, the first thing they asked about was Buffy. She’d demurred and refused to answer that much. Eventually, most of the old Angel Investigations grouping had accepted her closed mouthness, and drifted away. And there she was, drinking heavily with the two vampires. Determined to get something out of her.

Faith’s mouth opened in noiseless protest as Angel slowly pushed himself inside her. The sweat gathered and pooled in their tangled hair, and Faith arched her back and almost screamed at the intense feelings coursing through her. The pain and the pleasure mixed, and built high within her.

There they all were now. Somewhat worse for alcohol, but all three of them somehow defining themselves now by B. The First Love. The Dark Shadow. And the Bad Boy.

As the two vampires moved beneath and behind her, Spike drew her head down, and coldly, deliberately bit into her lip.

Faith screamed and came. Loudly, and not like any other time before.

Eat your heart out, B.

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