Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Anyone want to write a sitcom?

Bravo TV is looking for some writers. I know that there's a lot of great writers out there who could certainly do a better job of comedy than some of the crap that gets aired.

If you think you've got an idea for the next great sitcom, read our rules, fill out our application and send us your script. The writers of the best five scripts will be flown to Los Angeles for in-person pitch meetings with industry experts, and the best two pitches will be developed into 15 minute presentations that will air on Bravo. Viewers will then vote for their favorite, and the top vote-getter will pocket a cash prize of $25,000, and exclusive representation for one year from their choice of the William Morris Agency or the Creative Artists Agency, to help launch a successful writing career in film and TV.

Ready to go? Enter now — all submissions must be postmarked by September 18, 2004 to be eligible.

More details :

Unfortunately, it's the United States only. :(

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