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Sentimental yet sardonic


As for buffyverse1000 :

Faith yawned heavily and tried to roll over in bed.

Only to be brought up short by the handcuffs attached to her and to the metal frame at the top of the bed. “What the fuck?” Suddenly very much awake, she tugged one arm, and found the other also in the same predicament.

Faith snarled. Someone was going to be in so much trouble.

“Ahem” came a cough from the left hand side of her bed. Faith tugged angrily once more at that damned handcuffs (why the hell couldn’t her Slayer strength break it?) and glared angrily up at Willow. A very stern faced Willow.

Ah. Well, that explained the unbreakable handcuffs.

Faith was just about to explode at her not-in-public girlfriend when there was another cough from the right of her bed. It was her not-in-public boyfriend Xander.

“Oh fuck,” said Faith, and sank a little deeper into the bed.

Looked like she was the one in trouble after all.

“So, Xander and I finally got to talking to each other last night. Catching up on old times you know, bringing back that whole old time feel. Anyway, you’ll never guess what we both found out…” said Willow, walking round the bed to stand next to Xander.

“Hey, there’s no friggin’ way that you’re blaming this one on me,” snarled Faith, and gave the head of the bed a good shake. “It was both of you guys wanting no-one else to know. Separately!”

“Well, that is true,” Xander said consideringly, with his head slightly tilted. “But at least now we both know why you kept hurrying off afterwards.” He rested one arm on Willow’s shoulder.

Willow smiled up at Xander, and moved in closer to him, before returning her attention to the horizontal Slayer. “So we started talking about you. And what you do. How you like it.” She blushed a little, but still continued on “How good your tongue feels.”

Faith blinked. So not what she was expecting. And why was Willow’s arm now around Xander?

“Before we knew it,” said Xander, “We were having another fluke moment.”

“Fluke moment?” said Faith, totally confused by now. “What the fu--!?” She broke off as her brain just flatly refused to believe what it was seeing. Willow and Xander did not kiss like that ever. Ever.

Even if it was the hottest thing she’d seen in her life.

“Yerk....” was the closest thing to actual speech that she managed to get out, as they finally broke apart, still flushed and turned towards her. Faith suddenly became aware that her nipples were hard, and in fact, the whole situation was turning her on something chronic.

WTF? When did they get on the bed either side of her? Faith cursed her wandering mind, as the two of them crawled slowly up towards her. Then cursed the stupid handcuffs again.

“Someone’s been a very bad girl,” said Willow, gently pulling the covers off Faith.

“But then, we like bad girls, don’t we, Will?” said Xander, attending to his side.

Their eyes locked together in a dancing, laughing gaze as it turned out that Faith liked to sleep in the nude, and together they busied themselves with gently nibbling and teasing her breasts.

Faith gasped in pleasure, arching her back off the bed. Oh god, that felt so good. Shudders of excitement ran through her body as someone’s hand started moving down her leg.

Maybe she should get round to mentioning all those times with Buffy.

In a couple of hours or so.

And elementalv? I requested Angel/Joyce/Spike just for you. ;)

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