Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Do not taunt the Gilesfans...

For they are quick to bite.

And worse - to persuade you to bite too.

Tara Keezer: It does not, however, stop short of having ASH's ass as my avatar on the VLC boards.
Tara Keezer: The man has a seriously bitable ass.
booster17_1999: (ignores the biting comment)
Tara Keezer: Muscular, taut. *growls*
booster17_1999: Feral?
booster17_1999: *ducks*
Tara Keezer: Bite me.
booster17_1999: And how is your ass?
Tara Keezer: On the large side and not nearly as interesting as ASH's.
booster17_1999: Not as close to me either....
booster17_1999: *ponders*
Tara Keezer: Truly, even if you don't swing that way, you'd be better off biting his.
Tara Keezer: Probably have more fun doing so.
Tara Keezer: If he didn't hit you, that is.
booster17_1999: I must admit to never having thought about it before
booster17_1999: *pictures trying to say 'TaraKeezer told me to do it!' though a mouthful of ASH's ass*
Tara Keezer: [falls down laughing]
Tara Keezer: You need to remember to put spew warnings first.
booster17_1999: *makes note: make sure ASH is not drinking at time of bite*
Tara Keezer: Second note: make sure friends have bail money on hand.
booster17_1999: Third note : PRINT THIS OUT and check on criminal proceedings and getting people from the US in court here
booster17_1999: on the other hand, you'd be in the same court room as ASH
Tara Keezer: Fourth note: listen to barrister when s/he points out that the decision was yours.
booster17_1999: Fifth note : plead insanity, and produce my fic as evidence
Tara Keezer: Sixth note: hope that Tara doesn't show up just to laugh hysterically at the plea.
booster17_1999: you would as well
Tara Keezer: Hell yes.
Tara Keezer: I would do whatever I had to just to get over there.
booster17_1999: AND make it a coach trip full of all the other TtH writers too, particularly the Gilesfans. Then demand to inspect the evidence of damage to ASH's ass close up.
Tara Keezer: [swoons]
booster17_1999: I knew those smellin salts would be needed
Tara Keezer: Because, you know, we would have to offer to kiss it and make it better.
booster17_1999: but of course
Tara Keezer: Because, you know, I'm kind like that.
Tara Keezer: Generous to a fault, even.
Tara Keezer: Willing to throw myself at him -- er -- into the healing process.
booster17_1999: You do realise the other Giles fans would want to have a go at some point
Tara Keezer: They can get in line behind me. Generous, remember?

Sometimes I'm comforted by the size of the Atlantic. :)

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