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This feels weird.

a) back on LJ (for god knows how long)
b) actually being in a writing mood
c) writing something I've never written before
d) not hardly remembering any of the lj shortcuts or cuts or formatting tricks at all

On with the show.

Kakashi looked despondently down from the branch of the tree, his one eye just about visible over the edge of his Icha Icha. "Maa," he drawled, "It's not necessarily about them, right?"

Perched on a slightly higher branch, Tenzou just side-eyed him, carefully hiding all traces of amusement and incredibly grateful for his ANBU mask. Returning his gaze to the squabbling three genin far below them, he mildly observated "It could still be about paint colours, tashiou."

Glancing down at his uncovered arm, Kakashi re-read his soulmark for what felt like the hundreth time that morning. THE ORANGE IS TOO LOUD, PINK IS SURPRISINGLY SCARY AND THE BLACK IS WAY TOO EMO. ".....I mean, you never know when Gai's gonna pop up and challenge me to a house painting competion, right?"

Below them, the pink haired girl genin punched the blonde headed, orange jacket wearing, annoyingly bouncy genin in the head. As he flew past into the trees, the third dark haired male genin just sneered at both of the other two, and even stepped back a pace.

Tenzou very carefully didn't say anything.

Icha Icha drooped even further.

Blondie-with-the-orange bounced back into the clearing, rubbing his head with one hand. "AWWW... Why you want to go and do that, Sakura?" he half shouted.

"Sakura," Tenzou repeated as flatly as he could manage. He avoided the Icha Icha by flickering to a new branch.

Kakashi half glared at him, then deliberately turned a page in his Icha Icha in such a way that indicated he was much more concerned with reading his porn and that he'd merely been trying to swat a fly earlier. "Haruno Sakura, Uchicha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto," eventually emerged from behind the pages.

Tenzou stared down at the genin again. The two boys were now arguing face to face, practically snarling directly into each other's faces. If they weren't careful, Tenzou thought, they'd end up kissing each other again. Word of the classroom incident had quickly spread round ANBU, especially anyone who'd ever had jinchuriki watch. Pinkie seemed to be spending her time half worshipfully staring at the Uchicha (obvious fangirl), and the other half snarling back at Naruto.

"Well, you were always going to get the Uchiha thrown at you at some point," he offered, "For the obvious reason."

Kakashi actually lowered the book to deliver the next glare. Tenzou pretended to be studying the now scrapping on the floor male genin. Pinkie seemed to be waving her hands ineffectually above the both of them. Tenzou could vaguely hear cries of "Don't hurt Sasuke-kun!", "Dobe!" and "Hnn" drifting up from the forest floor.

Suddenly, Kakashi was perched next to him on the branch, studying the situation intensely. The Icha Icha was nowhere to be seen. "Mmm," he said absently, "I kinda expected Sharingan lessons to be more of a private one-on-one apprentice style thing."

The fighting genins below rolled too far one way, and into their prospective team-mate's legs. With an affronted shriek, Sakura disappeared into the fracas.

Kakashi face-palmed. "I have never passed a genin team. Ever. Every single adorable little brat has failed the bell test by not acting as a team." He paused as Sakura punched Naruto in the head once again, then looked horrified as she almost hit Sasuke. "Teamwork," he said despairingly.

Sasuke must have promptly said something very rude and upsetting to Sakura, judging by her upset face and the appalled look on Naruto's. Honestly, this was all getting to be background noise as far as Tenzou was concerned. Ignoring the way the amount of orange in the clearing promptly quintupled, he looked at Kakashi. ".....Gai's got a team?"

Kakashi winced.

"Full springtime of Youth already apparently," Tenzou continued, warily watching all of Kakashi's limbs.

Kakashi winced again.

"How hard can it--" He was suddenly cut off by a finger against his mask, an arm around his shoulder and the distinct impression that his wallet was now AWOL.

"Finish that sentence and wake up handcuffed to Anko!" hissed Kakashi, with a vicious eye-smile before patting him companionly on the back, "I'm sure my poor little kohai would never dream of cursing me that way."

Honestly, this was why Tenzou had started carrying dummy wallets. They momentarily paused as the amount of orange wearing Naruto clones below decreased to an acceptable level of sanity. "Knows his fire techniques," Tenzou offered, "Rookie of the Year there."

If anything, Kakashi's glare got worse. "I was a Rookie of the Year. Gai got a Rookie of the Year. Do you know how they balance out those teams with the Rookie of the Years?"

".....The Dead Lasts?"

"They balance them out by adding the Dead Lasts and a fangirl!" He gestured down at the genin below. Sasuke had now managed to get Naruto tied up in wire, which somehow was not stopping him from hopping towards Sasuke. Sakura continued to wave her hands about ineffectually.

"....Gai didn't get a fangirl."

Kakashi pushed him off the branch.

Obviously in desperate need of a beta/spellchecker/sanity checker
Tags: naruto, soulmarks

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