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Sentimental yet sardonic [userpic]

Yes, I'm bored at work

March 5th, 2012 (07:07 pm)

To my two favourite stalkers: I forgot to mention last night that I once wrote a Giles spanking Faith in the library fic.... Unfortunately, I lost it in a hard drive crash.

To everyone else: I should write more/post more in general. Y/N?


Posted by: gillo (gillo)
Posted at: March 5th, 2012 10:06 pm (UTC)


Definitely Y.

Any chance we can get you to Coventry in May?

Posted by: Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17)
Posted at: March 7th, 2012 10:21 am (UTC)

A chance certainly. Must look into it more when I have time. :(

Posted by: curiouswombat (curiouswombat)
Posted at: March 7th, 2012 08:24 pm (UTC)

Oh do try to make it - it wouldn't be the same without you!

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