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Cordy/David Nabbit ficlet

As is getting way normal now, it's for the buffyverse1000 challenge.

She never should have told him about the recent change in her life.

It’s not like it was two years back. She’s a very different Cordelia, and he’s the same old David Nabbit. Back then, she pursued him for a few attempted dates, but had quickly given up when she realized he didn’t want a human woman.

Thus the demon brothels.

He says it’s the thrill of doing something wrong and different and not normal. Then going back to the normal nine to five routine, hugging your secret deep inside. Whatever.

All she knows is that he’s been doing this for years. Maybe it’s him, maybe it’s the constant visits to those places. But normal human women just don’t do it for him anymore. Which, of course, means he’s stuck in two worlds.

Until her.

A half demon, half human Seer. Able to pass easily among his high flying work colleagues at their glitzy bashes (something she’s been practicing to do for most of her life). And demon enough to turn him on.

She’s undecided at first, but the gifts and the money are nice. It’s been so long since she’s been able to do a proper shopping trip. She kinda misses it. In those moments just after the visions hit, when she would have had the crippling headaches before, she lies on the bed and thinks about his offer. He’s just a geek. She’s been dealing with his type ever since high school. She can handle him.

All he wants is to make her glow.

And this meme :

Your Life In the Buffyverse
LJ Username
Favorite Episode:
I Would Prefer to:
Favorite Weapon:
If Attacked By a Vampire I Would:
Being Transported to The Buffyverse Would Be:
Your Best Friend: Amyrat
Your Lover: Jenny
Your Worst Enemy: Mayor Wilkins
Your Occupation: Ex-Watcher
Your Role in the Buffyverse: Comic Relief
How You Will Die: "Early One Morning...hi Spike!"
This Quiz by phendog - Taken 1166 Times.
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