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Sentimental yet sardonic

The big DC changes

Most people already know this but DC comics, home of such classic superheroes as Batman, Superman and Wonder Wonder, is relaunching all its titles in September all with new issues 1's and with brand new creative teams.

This post is basically my attempt to keep track of all 52 new books as the info slowly leaks out.

1. Justice League (Johns/Lee/Williams)
2. Wonder Woman (Azarello/Chiang)
3. Aquaman (Johns/Reis/Prado)
4. Flash (Manapul/Buccellato)
5. The Fury of Firestorm (Van Sciver/Simone/Cinar)
6. Savage Hawkman (Daniel/Tan)
7. Green Arrow (Krul/Jurgens)
8. Justice League International (Jurgens/Lopresti)
9. Mister Terrific (Wallace/Robinson)
10. Captain Atom (Krul/Williams II)
11. DC Universe Presents (Jenkins/Chang - Deadman initially)
12. Green Lantern (Johns/Mahnke/Alamy)
13. Green Lantern Corps (Tomasi/Pasarin/Hanna)
14. Green Lantern: The New Guardians (Bedard/Kirkham)
15. Red Lanterns (Milligan/Benes)
16. Detective Comics (Daniel)
17. Batman (Snyder/Capullo)
18. Nightwing (Higgins/Barrows)
19. Catwoman (Winick/March)
20. Batgirl (Simone/Cyaf/Cifuentes)
21. Batman and Robin (Tomasi/Gleason)
22. Red Hood and the Outlaws (Lobdell/Rocafort)
23. Batwing (Winnick/Oliver)
24. Batwoman (Blackman/Williams III/Reeder)
25. Birds of Prey (Swierczynski/Saiz)
26. Batman: The Dark Knight (Finch/Fabok)
: Awaiting further info...
27 Swamp Thing (?/Paquette)
28 Superman (Perez)
29 Action Comics (Morrison/?)
30 Superboy (Lobdell/?)
30 Teen Titans (Lobdell/Booth)
31 LOSH (?/Batista)
32 Animal Man (Lemire/?)
53. Batman Inc. (Morrison/Burnham) (2012)
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