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The Annual Scoobies/Angel Investigations Jenny Calendar Memorial Gang-Bang

(doyle_sb4 started this off by a comment in her LJ, then encouraged me to do it for buffyverse1000. Blame her.)

The Annual Scoobies/Angel Investigations Jenny Calendar Memorial Gang-Bang

Dawn shouldn’t be there.

She knows this – it was explained to her several times by several people in several ways. Ranging from Buffy’s “You’re too young to understand”, to Willow’s blushing “It’s just for those of us over a certain age”, to Anya’s blunt and far fetched “We’re all going to have lots of orgasms together and you’re not invited.”

So why is she creeping through the back corridors of the Hyperion? All her whining and pouting didn’t work. The puppy dog eyes didn’t work. The promising to do all her homework regularly for the next year certainly didn’t work.

But they couldn’t leave her in Sunnydale, so they stuck her in a hotel in LA, unlocked the mini-bar and cable channels to distract her, and disappeared off with the most amazing variety of excuses.

As she makes her way closer to the big ex-ballroom area that Angel had so proudly shown off earlier that day, she starts to hear noises. And for a moment, it sounds like moans. And whimpers. The thought crosses her head that Anya has never been good at lying, or indeed ever seen the need to.

It gets louder. Dawn swallows as her mouth suddenly goes dry. It was a joke, surely? Soft moans reach her ears. Soft caressing tones and gentle murmurs mix with cries of pleasure. She presses on, ignoring the sudden ache in her chest, and warmth down below.

She reaches what would have been a balcony over the ballroom, and peeks over the edge. She’s frozen there, as the sight that greets her is so much more than what her brain had been timidly trying to suggest.

It wasn’t a joke.

They’re all down there. In various states of undress, in varied ever changing pairings. As she watches open mouthed, Willow detaches herself from kissing Cordelia (Cordelia!) and trails one arm slowly and seductively down Wesley’s (Wesley!) naked back, as he plunges himself fiercely and deeply into Anya. Anya moans loudly and rakes her nails down Wesley’s back.

Over to the side, a bald black guy who Dawn assumes must be Gunn is lying back on some of the pillows while Tara of all people is bent over his cock licking and teasing with the most devilish gleam in her eyes.

They’re scattered across the room, all within easy reach of each other, and constantly switching around. One moment Giles is leaning against a stack of what looks like Ethan’s second batch of band candy, having Willow on her knees before him, face buried deep in his groin. The next, he’s bending deep over the same boxes, with Xander about to push his cock deep within Giles. Dawn’s eyes grow ever wider, and her breath comes in ever shorter gasps. Without realizing it, one of her hands is deep within her warm, wet panties.

That shy girl that was confusingly introduced as Fred earlier is kissing Cordelia now, one hand busy between Cordy’s legs as Anya starts suckling her breasts. Cordy moans and arches her back under this twin attention. Gunn moves behind Anya now, and buries himself in her with one thrust. While Tara and Xander are now locked together, long legs interlaced around Xander’s broad back.

But throughout all this swapping and movements and changing, one little grouping in the middle of the room stays the same. It’s as though everything else revolves around them.

There’s a metal frame central to everything. It’s got Angel on it. Tied to it, in fact. Empty candy wrappers litter the floor around the frame and the people before it. Buffy and Spike. Kissing. Caressing each other. Slipping, sliding and groping each other.

And Angel.

One of their hands strokes Angel’s hard cock one moment, while kissing and biting at the other. The next moment, they’re licking Angel’s writhing body together. Dawn’s body is getting hotter and damper from just watching her sister and Spike working their way down Angel’s arching body with tender kisses.

They move to Angel’s groin, exchange one wicked, teasing glance between them, and start licking Angel’s erect cock together. Their lips meet at the very top, and their tongues lash out licking and tasting both each other and Angel. Abandoning the chained Angel, they settle down on the pillows and rugs directly in front of Angel. For the first time, Dawn notices the bloody cuts and marks on Angel’s body.

There’s an odd look in Giles’s eyes as he approaches Angel from behind. Angel’s body stiffens as he realizes who it is. And with one vicious violent stroke, Giles is deep inside Angel, whose body jerks in the chains.

And then Giles pulls back on Angel’s hair, forcing his head up to watch the scene before him. That’s Buffy straddling Spike, riding him hard, head flying back in ecstasy. And the look on Giles’ face as he’s whispering into Angel’s ear…

For the first time, Dawn realizes the reason behind all the muttered comments about the Jenny Calendar Memorial ‘Get Together’. It’s all about celebrating life in the middle of all the death and destruction around them. And punishment for the guilty.

With a muffled cry, Dawn comes, her fingers plunging deeply inside herself.

Yes, I'm mad. But I was encouraged and assisted by elementalv too. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go hide.

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