Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Doctor Who 6.1/6.2 The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon

So, some thoughts, speculation and general bogglement behind the cut.

1. Why did the Silence want a spacesuit in the first place?
It's strongly implied that the only reason the Silence was 'encouraging' the Space Race at that time was to get humans to produce a spacesuit, which they then promptly filled with alien tech and a little girl. I think the most important thing they mentioned was the life support system - was it in fact holding off a regeneration?
2. What's up with Amy and her Schrodinger’s Foetus?
Detected by the Tardis systems one moment, not detected the next moment. Two options that I can see; the first and most likely IMHO is that Amy's pregnancy's not settled in time yet. It may have occurred, it may not. It's in flux, depending I would guess on who the father is/whether the father ever existed. The second, much more creepy option is that the Silence has something to do with it, and the Tardis system are simply forgetting about the baby when they're not scanning it directly. The Silence did have Amy captive for an undisclosed amount of time after all, and did tell Amy that she would bring the Silence...
3. Are all the Silence gone now?
Hell, no. From 1969 onwards, anyone who sees a Silent would kill them and forget all about it. That doesn't mean they're all gone. Amy did see one in 2011 before the Doctor died...
4. Who the hell was that woman in the hatch?
Seriously? No idea. Any help? Pleeeeeease? (Moffat, you magnificent bastard)
5. Is Nixon an official companion now?
Well, he has been on at least two trips in the Tardis now, though I would have loved to see his reaction to the interior. Loved the constant playing of 'Hail to the Chief'. :)
6. Just how sneaky is Moffat being with the timeline?
At the end of Impossible Astronaut, Amy declares she's pregnant. We jump ahead three months to the events of DotM, and at the end of that we jump ahead another six months. So exactly nine months after Amy says she's pregnant, Astro-Girl regenerates. Coincidence? Or Moffat mind-fuckery?
7. If you're not shipping Doctor/River by now, what's wrong with you?
How heart-breaking was River when she realised that was the last kiss she was ever going to get from the Doctor? Nice to see Eleven doesn't have Ten's aversion to guns through he won't use them himself. River and the Doctor spinning back to back was simply awesome. ffutures suggested that someone ought to intercut that with River Tam's fight from Serenity, but I suspect the sheer awesomeness of that would cause the internet to explode.

And finally, lets hope that we'll all be able to happily discuss next week's pirate themed episode and Hugh Bonneville's role without having any injunctions served on us.
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