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Amy/Anya for buffyverse1000

Based on an idea I've had kicking around for a while, but the buffyverse1000 challenge got me to finally finish it. :)

Amy stared at the herbs in front of her, then glanced around the Magic Box carefully. There were only two other people in the shop and it was almost closing time. The only person there that she knew was that strange Anya girl, and she was busy dealing with that last customer.

Amy really didn’t want to do this, but she needed it. She had to feel something again, some little piece of magic running through her body once more. And it wasn’t like Willow was going to help her – she’d made that quite clear. Amy shuddered slightly at the memory of Willow on that doorstep.

And that was why she was in this mess. She’d been a magic rat for the last three years for god’s sake – she needed magic now in a way that she’d never before. Its absence pulled her desperately to this shop that hadn’t been there the last time she strolled the streets of Sunnydale. And this was the real stuff. Proper magic herbs in their right properties positions, and sorted expertly.

But it was a shop. And that meant money.

And her father hadn’t been too forthcoming with the warm and welcome homecoming, had he? Kept going on and on about ungrateful daughters running away, in between pouring ever larger glasses of whiskey. She’d stuck it out for two hours, until he started on about how like her mother she was. Then she’d left. Again.

The plastic bag of herbs called to her once more. She took another casual look at the front desk, where the two of them were busy ringing up a sale. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes briefly and stuffed the packet of herbs down her shirt.

She slowly drifted away from the display, and towards the door. Shit! The other customer cut ahead of her, obviously in a hurry now, and with her bags clutched tightly. Amy stopped and peered into the nearest cabinet for a moment. She felt, rather than saw, the saleswoman come up beside her.

Her nerve broke, and she made a break for the door. Or at least, she would have, if she could move. “Oh, botheration!” swore Anya coming closer to the frozen Amy, and seeing the now glowing packet of herbs through her shirt. “That last shoplifter took ages to get out of the carpet.”

Unmoving, Amy felt her shirt being pulled out of her jeans and a slim hand slipping inside it. Slowly questing its way along her side and stomach, the smooth hand found the herbs and removed them. There was a thoughtful pause, and then Amy felt a female body pressed up against her back. And then two hands slipped under her shirt, and moved searchingly, almost caressingly along her bare skin.

Finding nothing, the hands seemed to reluctantly withdraw. Amy felt breath on her ear, still from behind her. “Well, that seems to be everything of my property you’re hiding in there,” came the slightly disappointed voice directly into her ear.

“Release!” cried the voice, and Amy was suddenly able to move again. The inertia from before took over, and Amy suddenly found herself throwing herself to the floor. Turning around and looking up, she saw the pissed off shop keeper looming over her. “I’m sorry!” she cried, “But I need them… I have to…I’m sorry!”

“Oh for god’s sake!” snapped Anya, and pulled Amy up off the floor. “I recognize you now, though you were a lot hairier last time I saw you, rat-girl. Now, why are you trying to steal my hard earned and very reasonably priced merchandise?”

Amy took a deep breath and gulped. For some reason, she had no desire to lie to Anya at all. In any way. “I... I need the magic. I’m very sorry. Is there any way that I can pay you back, or do anything?”

Anya looked at her for a moment, then beamed. “I know!” she said, happily snapping her fingers. “You can join me and Xander in bed and give me many more orgasms.”

“What?” bleated Amy, starting to come round to the idea that the herbs had somehow affected her through her bare skin. She didn’t just hear that, did she?

Anya rolled her eyes in sheer exasperation at the stupidity of the shoplifter. “I’m getting married to Xander very soon, and we’ve done just about everything sexually. That means the honeymoon’s going to be boring. Been there, done that, licked that, worn those.”

Xander was marrying her? And that wasn’t the most unreasonable thing she was saying either.

“Anyway,” continued Anya, “Willow and Tara are witches. Willow and Tara are lesbians. You’re a witch. Therefore you’re a lesbian.”

Amy blinked. She couldn’t say a thing to this insane logic.

“Xander’s male. Therefore he likes watching two women. Therefore I shall give him you as a wedding present.” Anya finished with a triumph. Amy’s jaw just hung open in sheer shock.

Anya didn’t give her time to get her brain out of the shocked rut it was in. “Now, kiss me,” Anya said, and moved in closer.

“What? I can’t… I never…. I…” spluttered Amy, her mouth and brain still not working quite together yet.

“Shut up and kiss me.”

“But…” said Amy, backing up against a nearby wall. Only to have Anya follow her, and place one arm against the wall right next to her head.

“Look,” said Anya in a reasonable tone of voice. “I need to know whether it would work. Xander won’t be a problem. No male alive would turn down another woman to fuck – D’Hoffryn alone knows the number of women I’ve seen where that happened.”

She lowered her head and moved in closer and closer to Amy’s face. Capturing her gaze, Anya softly whispered “Now kiss me.”

Amy gulped, and moved closer to Anya. All she could see right now was the woman’s face. And those lips. Oh so kissable lips, moving ever closer to her.

Their lips met. Their heads slowly moved closer together, eyes wide open, staring at the other girl, as the pressure built.

Amy backed away for a moment, breaking contact. There was a slight look of hurt and puzzlement in the eyes in front of her. She licked her lips nervously, and saw the hurt look disappear. Something more primal replaced it. Something more lustful.

She swallowed. That hadn’t been that bad, had it? She’d actually rather enjoyed it, but rationalized it away by re-assuring herself she was only doing it to get out of trouble. She ignored her racing pulse, and moved back in.

Once more, their lips met and held for a moment. Amy felt her head starting to spin, and her lips slightly parted in longing. What felt like a long moment passed, and then Amy felt Anya’s tongue slowly, teasingly flicking along her lips, before entering her mouth. She shivered in a different, thrilled way. She’d never felt like this before.

Almost as though they were no longer under her direct control, Amy felt her arms rising up and holding Anya’s arms gently. As Anya’s tongue grew bolder in its exploration of Amy, her arms also rose up and held Amy. One hand slowly traveled up Amy’s spine slowly causing goosebumps to rise along its route. Finally reaching the nape of Amy’s neck, it paused and held her there.

The other hand traveled downwards, until it came to rest on Amy’s jean clad posterior. Being held so close, so lovingly, for the first time in literally years caused Amy to let out a sigh of pleasure. Anya sensed this and flicked her tongue around Amy’s.

With no regrets at all, Amy gave in. Her tongue joined in the subtle tender dance in her mouth, and her body pressed herself tightly against Anya. This was wrong on so many levels, and yet… it felt so right.

Suddenly they broke apart, and Amy found herself moving forward, groping blindly through the air, searching for her. Anya was watching Amy, panting slightly, but still with that look in her eyes.

“First base. Very good,” Anya said, still staring at her.

Amy was panting herself. And she couldn’t believe she was going to say this to another girl.

“Wanna go for second?”


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