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Sentimental yet sardonic [userpic]

Terror Nova part Twenty Four (Buffyverse/NCIS)

October 1st, 2010 (12:05 pm)

Warning: I may or may not go back later and add stuff to the end of this. Time is short, and I wasn't able to get to the cliffhanger I was aiming at. That said, I think it still works, and I may even be able to use the intended cliffie tomorrow instead.

That caveat included, enjoy! (Dedicated, as always and especially today, to tigerlily0484).

Chapter Twenty Four

The redhead froze. Slowly, she turned around but smiled when she saw Ziva there. “Cool! I told them you guys were good!” she said cheerfully.

Ziva furrowed her brow, but did not take her eyes off the woman before her in her stolen Chief Petty Officer uniform. “You... are happy about this?”

“Oh, yeah!” Rosenberg answered brightly, “Um... should I be putting my hands up or something?”

“That would be somewhat appreciated, yes,” Ziva said dryly, her gun still levelled at her.

“Just checking.” Rosenberg’s arms were now held aloft. “Anyhow, you have no idea how nice it’s been dealing with competent people for a change. And McGee.... I could talk to him about his computer set-up for hours.”

“I am happy for you that you have been having such a pleasant time in the midst of all these assaults and arson attacks,” a increasingly sarcastic Ziva replied. “Speaking as someone with a very sore jaw, I’m afraid I have not been enjoying myself quite as much.”

She gestured with the gun. “Now, if you wouldn’t mind turning around and facing the wall...”

Rosenberg smiled sweetly, but stayed exactly where she was. “Look, I’d love to stay and chat with you because I’m very much all for the hot, dark haired weapon toting girls and oh goddess, did I really say that out loud? I mean I’m in uniform here and there really should be some kind of don’t ask, don’t tell inhibitor built into this, at least I always thought there was....”

She suddenly stopped babbling, and stared at Ziva a moment before hiccupping. “I’m sorry, I’ve never had a Caf-pow before.”

Ziva’s mouth worked helplessly for a moment, before her brain finally finished translating the torrent of language. “I’m sorry, but.... what?”

“Caf-Pow!” exclaimed the excited red-head, almost stepping forward and waving her hands around in the air. “I was bored waiting for Buffy and Faith, and it’s getting kind of late here, and it’s been a real long day, so I wanted coffee, but they didn’t have any, so I tried this Caf-Pow thing the guy at the store recommended, cos he said the girl from the NCIS place was always grabbing one, and wow!”

Ziva blinked. Abby had a lot to answer for. “Wow?” she repeated helplessly.

“Oh yeah, wow! It’s like coffee and coffee got together and had a super-coffee type of offspring, but with a straw! In a cup!” Her face lit up again. “Oh! Hey! Manners! Willow Rosenberg, nice to finally meet up, Officer David.” She stepped forward, holding out her hand before suddenly realising the situation again.

This situation at least, Ziva knew what to do with. “You are under arrest for trespassing on NCIS property, and probable theft of a naval uniform. Whatever you were planning, it is all over now.”

Willow smiled sadly. “Oh honey, so close but no cigar.”

The lights went out. Absolute darkness descended across NCIS headquarters.

~ + ~

Faith reacted first in her interview room with Tony DiNozzo. “Showtime!” she purred, and head-butted him.

As Tony was sent spinning backwards across the suddenly darkened room, he heard Lehane jump over the table that had been separating them. Desperately, he pawed around inside his jacket, but Lehane was upon him by then.

“Told you you weren’t gonna like what was coming, asshole,” he heard before what felt like a sledgehammer hit him in the face.

~ + ~

Timothy McGee, in the next door room, could hear the sound of a scuffle going on in the interview room. Not that there was too much he could do in this sudden blackout. He pulled his gun out anyway, and wished fiercely he had his cell back intact.

A thought hit him and he turned to the tech who’d been sitting next to him. “Give me your cell! Now!”

He heard the tech fumbling around in his pockets for a few moments, before he felt the cell being pressed into his palm. “Okay, good. Now find yourself a nice safe place and stay there till the lights come back.”

Tim took a deep breath. Emergency lighting wasn’t on yet, so whatever had hit them was pretty effective. Whispering a quick Hail Mary to himself, he flipped open the cell with his left hand, and used his thumb to bring up the screen.

The thin, dim light illuminated a scene of chaos around him. The tech, now scrambling under one of the desks, was now a distant worry. Rushing over to the mirror window, he peered through it. All he could make out was one slumped figure on the ground, and an open door.

“Oh crap,” he whispered. “Gibbs is gonna kill us.”

~ + ~

When the lights had gone off in the interview room with Gibbs and Buffy in it, there had been an odd silence, eventually broken by Buffy. “So, yeah, that’ll be my ride out of here.”

“You know I’ve got to stop you.”

“I know you’ve got to try.”

Gibbs pushed back his chair, and dived for the floor, trying to throw his opponent off balance immediately. Given the sheer lack of light available, she shouldn’t be able to spot him, and would probably swing straight for where his head should have been.

He was wrong.

He felt the breath leave him as her body slammed into him before he’d even reached the floor, causing him to hit that as well. “Fuck!” he gasped, before over-riding his mouth. A quick lucky jerk backwards with his elbow caught Summers in the side of her head, and he took full advantage of the temporary distraction to roll to the side away from her.

“Nice one, grumps,” came a disembodied voice from further in the darkness as he kept rolling. “Ain’t that many people who can do that to me in a fight. I’m impressed.”

She had to be listening just as hard as he was, trying to work out his location. He shut up, refusing to give her the slightest hint. Was that the smallest kind of noise over there, as though someone’s foot had just scraped over a rough patch in the floor...?

“Really nice try, but I’ve got superb night vision, Grumps,” an amused voice spoke, “Comes as part of the whole package.” And then the interview room table smashed into him.

Bouncing off the wall behind him, Gibbs dropped to the ground. He shook his head violently, refusing to let anything get to him. He staggered to his feet, just in time to hear what sounded like the reinforced interview room door being kicked off its hinges.

~ + ~


Posted by: Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures)
Posted at: October 1st, 2010 11:47 am (UTC)

Oh yes - I'm about to write Ziva meets Fiona, you've given me a hard target to beat...

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