Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Amy/Tara for buffyverse1000

They met at the local coven. It wasn’t that much of a coincidence really.

The recently de-ratted Amy needed to re-establish herself with her fellow Wiccans, and Tara sought solace with them after breaking up with Willow.

Of course they knew each other, but made polite noises of greeting when introduced. And when the distracted Tara found herself agreeing to show Amy what had changed in the last three years, it was difficult to say who had the more pole-axed expression on her face.

Strolling down the streets and byways of Sunnydale together was strained to say the least. Neither of them mentioned her name.

They ended up back at Tara’s room on campus. Obviously only just re-occupied, with full boxes all over the place, and half unpacked things here and there. Amy looked around the already homely looking place and burst into tears.

As Tara held her, Amy cried. Cried for the lost years as a rat, for the shock of her father refusing to believe it was her, for her abandonment by Willow. And Tara just held her tightly, her own heart heavy, and gently stroked Amy’s hair.

Neither of them ever knew who kissed each other first, but suddenly their hands were roaming over each other’s bodies, caressing and teasing, moving though their hair, while their mouths interlocked frantically. Both of them so desperately needing to be held by someone, anyone who would tell them things would be okay now.

Clothes were frantically pulled off. All the while, neither of them stopped touching or holding or feeling the other pressing against them. Tara gasped and flung her head back in delight as Amy’s kisses trailed up the back of her body and neck. Amy shivered as the thrill of having her breast lightly nipped swept over her. And throughout all the fast pacing, frenetic activity, they never spoke a word to the other. Just caressed and stroked and teased each other’s sweat soaked bodies.

And as the moon rose high above the campus, spilling its light across the floor, their passion burnt itself out. One final intimate caress, one last wordless kiss, and they collapsed, exhausted into sleep.

Both of them with one person, one name in their head; Willow.

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