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Terror Nova side note

On a complete side-note, I've started posting the earlier parts of this up at Twisting the Hellmouth, hopefully still following the daily update thing. However, the first place any new parts get posted will continue to be here, as I greatly value everybody's help.

Thank you to everyone who's spotted a flaw so far, or helped with Naval rank questions or even debated the true value of the Vice-President. It really is most appreciated.

If you're interested, I've now tweaked the end of Part One where Gibbs and Buffy first meet. Actually giving Buffy a description, and changing it so the security conscious Tucker has no idea that Buffy's on the scene.

In the centre of the area was the body, and a couple of broken, smashed crates, looking like there had been a brief, vicious fight. Blood streaks were present on the floor, and a small puddle of blood by the victims head. Without needing any prompting Gibbs heard McGee raise his camera up and start snapping photos.

He was far, far more concerned with the small, blonde woman currently kneeling beside his dead body. She wore a casual brown jacket over a pink top, with blue jeans tucked into a pair of stylish boots. There was a quick glint from a cross on a chain around her neck. “Who the hell are you?”

The civilian looked back over her shoulder, and actually rolled her eyes at him. “Gee, hold on a moment Mr Grumpy,” she said and went back to studying the victim’s neck.

Gibbs choked. “Tucker!” he snapped at the Lt Commander beside him.

“Okay!” the blonde said brightly, and bounced up off the floor. Approaching Gibbs, she fished inside her jacket for her ID. “I’ll show you mine if you show me yours,” she said perkily before her face fell. “Oh god, I’ve been hanging round Faith too much,” she moaned.

Lt Commander Tucker quickly glanced between the two, and decided that he was best out of it, despite desperately wanting to know how this woman had gotten into the warehouse.

Gibbs gritted his teeth. Already, he could tell this was going to be one of those infuriating cases. “Agent Gibbs, Naval Criminal Investigative Service,” he said, flashing his badge at her.

Just as causally, she waved her ID card under his nose.

“Special Agent Buffy Summers, IWC.”

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