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Terror Nova part five (Buffyverse/NCIS)

It's the Ducky and Palmer show!!!!! (Best sung to the tune of Itchy and Scratchy).

Okay, this one more or less wrote itself, which I always consider a good sign. This is one of the benefits of what I call the roadmap style of writing IE I know where I'm going, but am able to have fun along the way in a slight side-detour. I blame Ducky for taking over.

The only regret I have is I didn't manage to get in "This reminds me of a time.... actually, no. I've never seen anything like this before, Jethro."

Part five

Ducky pursed his lips in thought, and considered Ziva’s prone body beside him. Although live bodies were not, per say, his forte, he knew enough first aid to be sure that the Israeli was just unconscious at the present. “Mmmm,” he said to his assistant Jimmy Palmer, “I suspect that we might want to move away from Ms David once she comes round.”

“She’s going to be okay though, Doctor?” Jimmy said concerned, but still backed away from her. He brushed off his overalls in a distracted manner.

Ducky bent up slowly from his position, and fixed Jimmy with one look. “Apart from the soon-to-be immense bruise on her jaw, the major damage done will have been entirely to her ego.”

Jimmy Palmer gulped, and pushed his glasses back up his nose. “Ah, yes Doctor. Standing back may be best for our safety.”

Ducky made his way over to where Jimmy was standing in the middle of the warehouse area. Tapping his finger on his lips in thought, he decided “There is nothing further we can do for Ziva until she awakens, and with Commander Tucker having left us to continue the search outside, I suggest we finally turn our attention to the poor unfortunate that we were summoned to in the first place.”

They turned and regarded the body of Seaman Alison Balboa. Jimmy’s eyes narrowed as something besides the body registered on his brain. Walking to the side, towards where the sudden fight between the NCIS agents and the two young women had occurred, he crouched down, and pulled out a probe from his pocket.

Carefully not touching it, he used the probe to flip over what looked like a small leather wallet. “Doctor?” he called back over his shoulder, “I think I’ve found Miss Summers’ ID card.”

Ducky peered down at the floor, and nodded. “Very good, Mr Palmer. I think Jethro will be interested in that.”

The agent in question, quickly followed by McGee and Tony, re-entered the area. “Lost ‘em,” he snapped in Ducky’s direction, all the while his gaze fixed on Ziva. “How’s she doing?”

“Ziva should be waking up in a few moments, but she’ll have a wonderful bruise for a few days. Other than that, she’ll be fine.”

Gibbs just grunted at that. “Right,” he said tersely, “McGee, get outside and join Tucker in the base search. I’ll follow.”

“Gotcha, boss,” McGee nodded, and grabbed his PDA from the warehouse floor.

Now, McGee!”

“Yes, boss!” McGee broke into a run as he left the area, though Ducky would have sworn in court that he was almost kissing his PDA as he left.

Gibbs turned his attention to Tony DiNozzo who’d made his way over next to Ziva. A spare pair of Jimmy’s overalls had been folded up and placed under her head as a makeshift pillow. From the look on Tony’s face, his thoughts weren’t anywhere near the case.

“DiNozzo!” Gibbs barked. “Get your head in the game! I don’t care what the hell kind of relationship you had with that woman, but it’s throwing you off right now.”

“Sorry, boss,” Tony said quietly. He shook himself, and straightened up away from Ziva. “I’ll go catch up with McGee.”

“No,” Gibbs scowled. “You’re too close to this at the moment. I want to know where the hell all these people came from. The amount of security they have here, and all the cameras I noticed on the way in means they have recordings.”

“On it,” Tony nodded grimly. “How they got in, how they got out, whether they’re still here.” Without another word, he left.

Gibbs turned round, and looked at Ducky and Jimmy. “What do you have, Ducky?”

“Really, Jethro,” Ducky tutted, and fixed him with a hard stare of his own. “With attending to poor Ziva, and the previous contremps, I have only just begun to examine the poor girl.”

“Anything would be better than nothing at the moment, Ducky,” Gibbs said just as firmly, his face intense.

“As that is doubtless as close to an apology as I am going to get for the present, I shall accept it,” Ducky said, moving over to the corpse in question. “Now, from a surface examination, and completely subjective to my detailed examination at my lab later, it would appear to be a case of exsanguination.”

He pointed to the neck. “Some sort of wound here, which caused massive blood loss. Death was fairly instantaneous, though marks on her hands and face suggest she struggled somewhat with her assailant.”

Ducky straightened up. “Only, there’s not quite as much blood around this location as one would expect.”

Gibbs grunted. “So, was this where she was killed? Was the body moved?”

“Possibly,” Ducky said, “Or maybe the killer got most of it on themselves. I could not help but notice that neither of those two spectacular young ladies appeared to have any trace on their bodies at all.”

Gibbs grunted again, and made grasping motions with one hand unconsciously which Ducky expertly read as someone desperately wanting another coffee.

“Oh,” he added when it became clear that a single grunt was all they were getting for the moment, “I believe Mr Palmer has something to show you.”

Gibbs strode over to Jimmy and the leather ID case. It was now open on the floor, facing upwards and displaying Buffy Summers’ face. For the first time since arriving at the warehouse, Gibbs smiled.

“Good work, Palmer,” he said and carefully placed the leather wallet into an evidence bag he produced from his jacket. “That should give us some fingerprints at the very least.”

He grinned again. It wasn’t a nice smile. Nodding once to Ducky, he left the crime scene in the direction that McGee had exited.

“..... I got a ‘good work’ from Gibbs!”

“Really, Mr Palmer, if I could kindly return your attention to the lady before us?”

“But, but... Gibbs!”

“Mr Palmer!”

~ + ~
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