Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

And we're back on writing again....

One of the best things about writerconuk this year was wildecate's talk on Writer's Block: the reasons behind it, why it hits you and ways to get round it. Trust me, when the full text of it goes up, I'll certainly be linking to it as it was a thing of beauty.

But it also made me think. Everyone works in their own kind of way, the little tricks and tics that work for them. curiouswombat and myself for example, just can NOT do the type of writing exercise where you sit down and do stream of consciouness without regard to spelling, punctuation and self-editing along the way. We just can't. We have to go back, maybe a couple of words at a time, maybe more, just to keep the spellings right, the spacings and punctuations right, and the general flow still there. Even when I'm doing an entry like this for example.

The other thing that I've had, more or less, reinforced in my brain, is that I seem to need deadlines. Give me a good ficathon that I've signed up for, with a due-by date, and I'm golden. Oh, I'll probably panic and end up writing like crazy 24 hours before the deadline and begging for a beta to take an emergency look at it, but it seems to work for me. Those quickly written fics are the one that people really, really like and comment a lot on. Whereas, waiting around with a detailed idea of a fic in my head and no pressing time constraints, delays to no actual fic being produced.

So, the tl:dr version: I need to do more ficathons obviously. Maybe even plot_wout_porn....

Or how about this: The new kind of remix on the town: Remix Duello! Just like regular remix--you take someone's story and rewrite in your own words, different POV, different focus, different style, or whatever you like--except this time, the remixee picks the story. Sign ups go until August 29, the due date for stories is October 10, and I still haven't decided yet.
Tags: remixes!, writercon

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