Sentimental yet sardonic (booster17) wrote,
Sentimental yet sardonic

Book List : Jim Butcher

The Dresden Files

1) Storm Front (Got, American paperback)
2) Fool Moon (Got, American paperback)
3) Grave Peril (Got, American paperback)
4) Summer Knight (Got, American paperback)
5) Death Masks (Got, American paperback)
6) Blood Rites (Got, American paperback)
7) Dead Beat (Got, UK paperback)
8) Proven Guilty (Got, UK paperback)
9) White Knight (Got, UK paperback)
10) Small Favour (Got, UK paperback)
11) Turncoat
12) Changes (Read, Hardback only at moment)

The Codex Alera

1) Furies of Calderon
2) Academ's Fury
3) Cursor's Fury
4) Captain's Fury (Got, UK paperback)
5) Princeps' Fury (Got, UK paperback)
6) First Lord's Fury (unpublished to date)
Tags: booklists

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